Stars of Russia No 1 Wings

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The film tells about Vladimir Pavlovich Kislenko, who works as a labor teacher in a secondary school in Odintsovo and leads a circle of aircraft modeling. In the film almanac, the following filming was used: airplanes and helicopters on the airfield of the Khodynsky airfield, a panorama of the airplanes; V.P. Kislenko and his friend and associate M. Raichenok at the plane, assembled with his own hands with the assistance of schoolchildren, M. Raichenok pours fuel into the plane, tells (sync.) About V.P. Kislenko; V.P. Kislenko and M. Raichenok in the cockpit, the plane is taxiing to the runway. takes off; V.P. Kislenko talks (sync. And off-screen.) About his work with children, about the work of the circle; students of Odintsovo School No. 2 in the school corridor; V.P. Kislenko conducts a lesson in one of the classes, shows the students how to saw out with a jigsaw, the boys at work; students walk through the schoolyard; schoolchildren are engaged in an aircraft modeling circle under the leadership of V.P. Kislenko, build model airplanes, one of the boys talks about classes in the circle (sync.); children, together with their teacher, launch a model airplane into the sky; general view of the shop in one of the construction companies, headed by a former student of V.P. Kislenko - Sergey Kulagin, production processes in the shop, V.P. Kislenko talks with S. Kulagin, S. Kulagin talks about his former teacher (sinhr.) ; V.P. Kislenko in his office.
T. Chubakova
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construction industry
, out-of-school education
, school education
, air transport
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V. Izvekov
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Has Sound

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