Stars of Russia No 4 Moscow-2000

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Kinoalmanach tells how the world is entering the new millennium, how our life is changing. The film uses posters, slogans and cartoons. The film includes the following filming: President of the Russian Federation BN Yeltsin speaks on TV on January 31, 1999 (sync., Filmed from the TV screen); the movement of vehicles along the street, decorated with illumination (Vladimir Putin's congratulation sounds behind the scenes), a general view of Tverskaya Street, shop windows, people walking down the street; type of neon advertisements with the NDP "Mirage-2000", "Happy New Year 2000", "Martini"; Vladimir Putin delivers congratulations (sync; filmed from the TV screen); NDP on one of the cars "I'm not who you ordered"; a girl in a wheelchair on the street, a man and a woman with billboards ("sandwiches"), a woman sits on the sidewalk collecting alms, children on the street, begging drivers from passing cars; general view of billboards installed along the highway; people with placards and banners are walking along Tverskaya Street, an orchestra is passing by; participants in one of the demonstrations on the eve of the elections on Revolution Square; Vladimir Putin and his wife leave the polling station after voting, G. Zyuganov at the polling station lowers the ballot into the ballot box, a panorama of the hall at the polling station; general view of the procession, people carry icons, banners, participants in the procession stand at the temple, enter the temple; among those present N. Mikhalkov and others; the opening of the XXII International Moscow Film Festival in Moscow: the participants of the festival walk along the carpet (filmed from the TV screen); waters of the graves of O. Efremov, G. Titov and A. Borovik; a war veteran plays the accordion on Victory Day, people are dancing, Vladimir Putin is at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, lays flowers, there are columns of demonstrators, former front-line soldiers stand in line for porridge at the field kitchen, a man in the role of V. Lenin's "double" on Red Square; a girl writes a slogan on the wall; General view of the poster "Happy Birthday Moscow", Yu. Luzhkov is walking in a group of people, people are dancing; the type of the stall where the nesting dolls are sold; Banner with the NDP "Cops in the Kremlin"; view of the circus building on Tsvetnoy Boulevard, people are standing at the building, a monument to Y. Nikulin, people are laying flowers at the monument, an elephant is standing at the monument; view of Tverskaya Street in the illumination lights on the eve of 2001, cars are passing by; Vladimir Putin wishes you a Happy New Year (sync and behind the scenes; filmed from the TV screen).
V. Troshkin
Film ID
, automobile transport
, religion
, everyday life
, state holidays
, elections to the highest authorities
, population
, agitation and propaganda
, cities
, trade
Number of Parts
V. Izvekov
Other Creators
There is no data
Release Date
Has Sound

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