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Luzhniki Stadium. Opening ceremony of the XXII Summer Olympic Games. Athletes in the stadium arena line up in the form of Olympic symbols. Image with flags of the "Olympic Bear" on the podium. Composition on the podium "Oh, sport, you are the world", balloons in the sky. General view of the stadium (filmed from the top point). A dance group on stage performs a composition on the theme of Ancient Greece. Sportswomen with red flags are marching through the arena. Athletes carry flags of countries participating in the Olympics. Dances of the peoples of the USSR on the stadium arena. A squad of drummers marching through the arena. "Olympic Bear" by the hand with a young gymnast walk through the stadium arena, greet the audience. Kremlin. Panorama of the Archangel Cathedral, the Assumption Cathedral, the Ivan the Great bell tower. Cycle track facilities in Krylatskoye. Facade of the hotel "Cosmos". Stella "Conquerors of Space". Panorama of multi-storey residential buildings. Panorama in the center of Moscow (filmed from a flying helicopter). Parachutists perform a figure in the sky. Cycling competition. Athletes rush along the track. Kayak competitions. Track and field competitions: an athlete performs an exercise on a "goat", competitions on uneven bars, on rings, a gymnast performs an exercise on a balance beam, athletes in the hall are waiting for the decision of the judges, the face of gymnast Nikolai Andrianov, the coach prepares the gymnast Alexander Dityatin for the performance, gymnast Nelly Kim on training, performance A. Dityatin on the uneven bars. Fragment of a puppet show. Weightlifter doll. The audience laughs. Weightlifting competition. The athlete raises the barbell. Spectators in the stands. Competitions in oriental martial arts. Archers in national Kalmyk clothes shoot from bows in the steppe. Swimming competition: swimmers swim along the lanes in the pool, girls prepare for the swim, swim along the lanes. Synchronized Swimming: Athletes perform various shapes in the pool. G. Tallinn. Panorama over the rooftops of the old city, in the background - the Viru hotel. Opening ceremony of the sailing regatta. Performance of a dance group in front of the building of the sea station. Sailboats in the bay. - an athlete is racing on water skis. Competition in long jump among men. Running competition among men. The ceremonial opening of equestrian sports competitions at the hippodrome. Fragments of the competition: horse riders overcome obstacles in the arena of the hippodrome, spectators in the stands, overcoming obstacles in open areas, an athlete on horseback crosses the river. Rhythmic gymnastics competition: an athlete performs a number with clubs, a number with a ribbon.
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, water skiing
, athletics
, cycling
, sport games
, synchronized swimming
, horseback riding
, parachuting
, gymnastics
, sailing
, weightlifting
, archery
, cities
, rhythmic gymnastics
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