Stavropol - 200 Years

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The film is dedicated to the 200th anniversary of Stavropol, tells about the history and life of the city. PART 1. Panorama of Stavropol. Fortress wall of the 18th century in the historical center of the city "Fortress Mountain". Bust of the commander Alexander Vasilyevich Suvorov (1976, sculptor P.I. Verkhovsky) on the Fortress Hill. The audience near the "Khoperskaya tent" (1976, architect ML Epstein, artist YP Voinov) on the Fortress Hill. Exhibits of the Stavropol Museum of Local Lore: old guns, a drum, edged weapons, a pistol; N. Chernetsov's painting "Stavropol 1829"; a picture depicting the house of the commander of the Caucasian line and the Black Sea region; pre-revolutionary coat of arms of the city. Children play on the territory of the kindergarten "Golden Key". Construction of a new microdistrict of the city. Architectural workshop: the layout of the microdistrict, architects are working. At the entrance of the Krasny Metallist plant, the NDP: GLORY TO THE WORKING CLASS, WE WILL MEET THE 200TH ANNIVERSARY OF STAVROPOL AND THE 75TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE PLANT BY IMPACT WORK, RED METALLIST. Workers enter the checkpoint of the plant. Locksmith-patterner Yakov Kapitonovich Tarasov, awarded the Order of Lenin, in the shop of the plant. [Stavropol sewing production association "Vesna"]. Pennant with the NDP: "TO THE WINNER OF THE SOCIAL COMPETITION IN HONOR OF THE XXV-TH CONGRESS OF THE CPSU." A seamstress, delegate to the XXVth Congress of the CPSU, Zinaida Nikitichna Chunosova is working. Sewing workshop of the association, Stavropol Medical Institute. Professor, Head of the Department of Traumatology, Orthopedics and Military Field Surgery Mikhail Sergeevich Makarov performs an operation in the presence of students. Lermontov Stavropol Drama Theater. People's Artist of the USSR Mikhail Kuznetsov in the dressing room. The theater artist makes up. A man and a woman are discussing sketches of costumes. Bricklayers are laying brickwork at a construction site; among them is the foreman Nikolai Evstafievich Kozlov. September 1. Schoolchildren with flowers are passing by. First graders and tenth graders at the solemn assembly. The banner of the school is being carried. Stavropol Polytechnic Institute. Students at a lecture at the institute. Institute building. Students in the park on the bench. The plate with the NDP: "STAVROPOL POLYTECHNICAL INSTITUTE". The building of the first gymnasium in the city. The fence of the gymnasium. A plate with the names of famous graduates of the gymnasium. Monument to the first translator of "Capital" K. Marx into Russian, German Alexandrovich Lopatin (sculptor EN Rukavishnikov, architect ML Epstein, 1975). Monument to the heroes of the Civil War - "Budenovets" (architect ML Epstein, sculptor PI Verkhovsky, artist SD Soldatov, 1976). Memorial "Eternal Glory" (architect MI Shchukin, GD Lomanov, sculptor ME, LE Roberman, 1967); change of the Guard of Honor of the Komsomol-Pioneer post No. 1 at the memorial (different plans). Veterans of the Great Patriotic War, townspeople carry and lay flowers at the memorial. The townspeople lay flowers at the "Cold Spring" memorial (sculptor N.F.Sanzharov, architect D.V. Albul, 1975). A plate with the NDP: "ETERNAL MEMORY OF THE FALLEN FOR THE FREEDOM AND INDEPENDENCE OF OUR MOTHERLAND." PART 2. At the railway station in Stavropol, a solemn meeting of the "Train of Friendship" from the Bulgarian sister city of Pazardzhik. A building erected with the participation of Bulgarian builders; cafe "Friendship". Brand store "Pazardzhik": customers at the entrance, in the confectionery, alcoholic beverage, cafeteria, at the checkout. A sign on the store with the NDP: "PAZARDZHIK-STAVROPOL". Newlyweds and guests near the new Wedding Palace. The newlyweds exchange wedding rings, accompanied by girls in Russian costumes, descend the stairs of the Wedding Palace. A choreographic group is performing in the park near the fountain. Stavropol circus: the building of the circus, spectators in the hall, circus artists perform on the ice. A group of artists with easels is choosing a place for an open air in an autumn park, painting. Autumn trees covered with unexpected snow. The audience is walking along the snow-covered streets. Frozen roses in the hands of a man and a woman. New Year's tree on the street. Musicians of the brass band play on the street in the costumes of Santa Clauses; the townspeople are listening. The audience in the park during the mass festivities. A female choir is performing near the New Year's tree. Bulgarian People's Republic, Pazardzhik. The streets of the town. Boat on the city pond, residential area. The audience in the park. The movement of vehicles on the territory of a residential complex built with the participation of Stavropol builders. Memorable sign with NDP: "STAVROPOL COMPLEX". Customers enter the STAVROPOL CONFECTION department store. Customers in the children's clothing section of the department store. Musicians play beside decorated wedding cars; guests are dancing in the street; a wedding cortege is passing by. Bulgarian People's Republic, [Panagyurishte town]. A delegation from Stavropol lays flowers at the memorial to the heroes of the 1876 April Uprising against the Turkish oppressors. Irkutsk Region, Ust-Kut, Baikal-Amur Mainline. The planes are at the airport; NDP: "BAM - ALLOYUZNAYA UDARNAYA KOMSOMOLSKAYA BUILDING", "HAPPY FLIGHT". A truck is going by. Port cranes. Builders from Stavropol are walking along the city street. Workers from Stavropol are working at a construction site. Index with NDP: "TO STAVROPOL 5985 KM 87 M", "SMU STAVROPOL BAM". PART 3. Artist Pavel Moiseevich Grechishkin works at his easel among the snow-covered trees in his workshop. P.M. Grechishkin hangs a new painting on the wall; works of the artist. "Holiday of Youth" at the city stadium. Standard bearers, children with balls are passing by. "Living tribune" with the changing NDP: "25 CONGRESS", "STAVROPOL 200", "1917-1977", a portrait of VI Lenin. Theatrical performance. Operator with a movie camera. A motor vehicle is passing by the building of the All-Union Research Institute of Phosphors and Highly Pure Substances. VNII employees work in laboratories. Stavropol plant of chemical reagents and phosphors: work in the shop; manufactured products. Stavropol Research and Production Association "Electroavtomatika": work in the shops. Stavropol Piston Ring Plant: work in the shops. Stavropol Trailer Plant of the KAMAZ Association. Trucks transport trailers past the factory building. Work in the shops of the plant. A tractor with a trailer is driving out of the gate. Stavropol plant "Red Metallist". Workshop work. NDP on the wall of the shop: "TO THE 200TH ANNIVERSARY OF STAVROPOL MEETING WONDERFUL". Representatives of the working dynasty of the Asonovs at their workplaces: model designer Pyotr Gerasimovich discusses with the workers the contour of the future machine; his wife Lyubov Pavlovna works in a paint shop; children Anatoly and Alexander work in the shops of the plant. The woodworking machine is working. The trademark of the plant (logo) on the machine. A festive demonstration in honor of the 200th anniversary of the city on Lenin Square: workers, students are passing by; among those present at the podium - 1st Secretary of the Stavropol City Committee of the CPSU Mikhail Sergeevich Gorbachev.
A. Chubarov
Film ID
, building
, higher education
, economic cultural relations
, work
, cities
, sculpture
, painting
Number of Parts
M. Barbutly, G. Gavrilov
Other Creators
Scriptwriters Apollo Petrov, Mikhail Zaitsev, Rafael Gasparyants, composers David Gendelev, Nikolay Zinchenko, sound engineer Viktor Kachurin
Release Date
Has Sound

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