Stavropol Sketches

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The film is dedicated to the workers of the Stavropol Territory. 1 part. Harvesting campaign in the Stavropol Territory: combines work in the fields, harvest wheat, using the Ipatov method of harvesting, which originated in the Krasnogvardeisky District of the Territory. The main link of this method is a single control center for harvesting in the farms of the region: the employees of the Center negotiate with the farms by intercom from the control center. Grain is poured into the back of the truck. Close-up of handfuls of grain in hand. Tractors plow fields after harvest. General view of plowed fields. Machine operators - combine operators of one of the farms of the Krasnogvardeisky District of the Stavropol Territory stand under streams of water, which are poured over them from a hose, resting lying under a tree. General view of combines on the territory of the machine and tractor park. A panorama of the elevator. General view of bread on the conveyor belt of one of the bakeries, baked from flour of the new harvest. General view of the territory of the chemical association "Azot" - an enterprise for the production of fertilizers. View of the production areas of the enterprise. General view of the main production control panel, whose employees monitor the operation of the enterprise's automated system. View of the water in the Big Staropolsky Canal. The work of irrigation plants in the corn fields of one of the farms. Interview with Vladimir Kochetov - chairman of the kolkhoz "Kommunisticheskiy beak", who stands among the corn and talks about the work of the kolkhoz (sinhr.). The harvester is working on harvesting green mass of corn. The green mass pours into the back of the truck. Cows on a collective farm eat green mass. Kolkhoz milkman Grigory Kabaidze with cows in an open pen. Milking cows on the farm. One of the farm workers in a special room takes measurements of the fat content of milk. General view of a flock of sheep. Hero of Socialist Labor, laureate of the State Prize of the USSR, the shepherd of the collective farm V.S. Rudenko among the flocks. General view of the Nevinnomyssk worsted-spinning mill. Production processes in the workshops of the factory. Komsomol members O. Sushko and E. Kirilenko at work. Landscapes of the Stavropol Territory: steppe, plowed fields, mountains. Artist Pavel Grechishkin at work in the studio on the picture. General view of the artist's paintings, which depict the landscapes of Stavropol. Part 2. Mountain landscape of Karachay-Cherkessia: mountains, gorge, camp site "Mountain peaks" in the mountains, Elbrus peak, mountain river. Ginseng plant and root. A shepherd in a fur hat and burka sits by the fire at night. Shepherd in a burka, riding a horse among flocks of sheep on a pasture in the mountains. The helicopter flies over the mountains. Zukhra Abdurakhmanovna Bayramkulova, a milkmaid of the Uchkekentsky state farm in Karachay-Cherkessia, a Hero of Socialist Labor, a deputy of the USSR Armed Forces, in a group of residents of the village of Uchkeken. One of the women is playing the accordion, people are dancing (sinhr.). Z. Bayramkulova and other milkmaids of the farm during the milking of cows in the pasture. Milkmaid milk is poured into cans. Hero of Socialist Labor, former chairman of the collective farm "Communist Mayak" of the Kirov district of the Stavropol Territory Andrei Vasilyevich Chukhno in the garden. General view of a festive collective feast organized for collective farmers on one of the holidays. A.V. Chukhno makes a toast. People are sitting at the laid tables, talking. Parents with small children. Women cut bread to the table. General view of the village. Apples, pears on the branches in the garden. Monument to V.I. Lenin on the square in Stavropol. The building of the Stavropol Regional Committee of the CPSU. Monument to the Red Army, who liberated Stavropol during the Civil War.
V. Sergeev
Film ID
rural settlements
, state agricultural enterprises
, food industry
, livestock
, textile industry
, chemical industry
, everyday life
, landscapes
, cities
, air transport
, plant growing
, painting
Number of Parts
V. Guluev
Other Creators
K. Podyma, E. Manukyan, K. Pesyakov
Release Date
Has Sound

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