Stay in the USSR of the Delegation of the Grand National Assembly of Romania

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Moscow city. Receiving the Romanian delegation headed by K. Parvulescu in the Supreme Soviet of the USSR. Present: A. P. Volkov, V. Latsis. Receiving members of the delegation KE Voroshilov. Members of the delegation visiting the Moscow Kremlin, Red Square, metro station, Leninskie Gory, Luzhniki stadium, visiting Moscow University, talking with Romanian students studying in the USSR. Members of the delegation at the Bolshoi Theater. Fragment of the ballet "The Flames of Paris" (synchronously). Seeing the delegation at the airport. Speaker K. Parvulescu (synchronously). Delegation of Romania in Kalinin (Tver). Sightseeing of the city, visiting a weaving factory, a cotton mill, a carriage plant, a kindergarten. K. Parvulescu speaks at the rally. The Romanian delegation in Leningrad. Sightseeing of the city, visiting Smolny, Lenin Museum in Razliv, Baltic Shipyard. The Romanian delegation in Stalingrad. Sightseeing, laying wreaths at the monuments of the Second World War, meeting and talking with the chief architect of the city Simbirtsev, visiting the Stalingrad hydroelectric power station. Delegation of Romania in Saratov. Sightseeing of the city, visiting the house-museum of Chernyshevsky, Saratov University, oil refinery, state bearing plant. The meeting at the plant. I. Paz is speaking. Delegation of Romania in Ufa. Members of the delegation at a reception at the Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Council of Bashkiria Zagafuranov. Visiting oil fields. Delegation of Romania in Kiev. Reception at the Chairman of the Presidium of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Korotchenko. Inspection of the city. Meeting and conversation with the chief architect of the city Priymak. Visiting Vasilkovskaya machine-tractor station, experimental livestock base "Terezino". Delegation of Romania in Odessa. Meeting at the airport. Visit to the Institute of Eye Diseases and a conversation with Academician Filatov. Visit to one of the sanatoriums, seaport. Inspection of the city. Boat trip. Visit to the plant of radial drilling machines. Visit to the collective farm named after K. Liebknecht.
I. Kravchunovsky
Film ID
urban transport
, architecture
, romania
, preschool education
, mechanical engineering
, energy
, fuel industry
, petrochemical industry
, collective farms
, textile industry
, health care
, museums
, theatre
, sea transport
, higher state bodies
, political connections
, shipbuilding industry
, professional education
, cities
Number of Parts
L. Zaitsev, P. Opryshko
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