Stay of the Icelandic Parliamentary Delegation in the USSR

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Meeting at the airport of the Icelandic parliamentary delegation headed by E. Ionsson. Inspection by members of the delegation of the Kremlin, Red Square, the Armory, St. George Hall, the Grand Kremlin Palace, Museum-apartment of V. I. Lenin in the Kremlin. Delegates' trip around the country. City of Stalingrad; "Fallen Fighters" square, theater building. Visit to the construction of the Stalingrad hydroelectric power station; boat trip along the Volga river. The city of Yalta. The members of the delegation visiting the sanatorium "Ukraine", Nikitsky Botanical Garden, make a boat trip on the Black Sea. Minsk city. Visit of the delegation to the Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the Byelorussian SSR V. I. Kozlov. Visiting members of the delegation of the diversified collective farm "New Byt", the Minsk Automobile Plant, the children's railway. Riga city. Receiving the Icelandic parliamentary delegation Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the Latvian SSR KM Ozolin. Members of the delegation at the monument to the poet Jan Rainis. Visiting a fishing seiner, a sardine factory in Mangali, a fishing collective farm "Zweinek". Icelandic guests in the hall of the collective farm club, in the rooms, buildings of the resort "Kemeri", on the beach "Majori". Icelandic parliamentarians in Riga at the Second Song Festival of students of the Baltic republics, Leningrad, Belarus and Moscow. The city of Leningrad. Sightseeing of the city: Smolny, Hermitage, Peterhof. Visit to the Leningrad Metallurgical Plant. Moscow city. Visiting the All-Union Agricultural Exhibition, Moscow State University. Reception of members of the parliamentary delegation KE Voroshilov; meeting of the delegation with the heads of the chambers, members of the standing commissions, members of the Committee of the parliamentary group of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR. Speakers: J. V. Peive, P. G. Moskatov, Z. A. Lebedeva, E. Ionsson.
O. Kutuzova
Film ID
out-of-school education
, latvia
, automotive industry
, painting
, music
, energy
, fishing
, collective farms
, river transport
, club type institutions
, health care
, sea transport
, fishing farm
, agriculture
, higher state authorities
, industry
, food industry
, political connections
, iceland
Number of Parts
S. Gusev, N. Soloviev
Other Creators
Text by G. Volchek
Release Date
Has Sound

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