Stay of the Parliamentary Delegation of Ceylon in the USSR

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Tajikistan, Stalinabad. Receive the delegation of M. Rakhmatov, a visit to the Stalinabad Textile Mill, the Ferdowsi Library, the Lenin collective farm, the collective farm high school. Uzbekistan. Reception of the Jalilov delegation, acquaintance with the sights of Tashkent, a visit to the collective farm "Kzyl Uzbekistan". Moscow city. Reception in the Kremlin by O. V. Kuusinen, P. P. Lobanov, A. I. Mikoyan. Sightseeing of the Kremlin, visiting Moscow State University, the Bolshoi Theater opera performance "Prince Igor". The presence of the delegation at the session of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, at the May Day demonstration on Red Square. Azerbaijan, Baku. Members of the delegation at a reception at MA Ibragimov; during a visit to the Novo-Baku oil refinery. Georgia, Tbilisi. Receiving the Gubidze delegation, visiting a metallurgical plant in Rustavi, tea plantations, visiting sanatoriums on the Caucasian coast of the Black Sea. Latvia, Riga. Delegation at a reception at KM Ozolin; in the shop of the Riga radio plant "VEF". Belarus, Minsk. Receiving the delegation of VI Kozlov, a visit to the Minsk Automobile Plant. The city of Leningrad. A visit by the delegation of Smolny, the Palace of Pioneers, the Russian Museum. Seeing the delegation home at the Vnukovo airport in Moscow.
M. Semenova
Film ID
, political connections
Number of Parts
A. Grek, G. Epifanov, S. Kiselev, A. Savin, V. Shtatland
Other Creators
Text V. Gorokhov, sound D. Ovsyanikov
Release Date
Has Sound

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