Steep Roads of Space

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The film is dedicated to the development of cosmonautics in the Soviet Union. The film includes: filming in space, made by cosmonauts G. Dobrovolsky, V. Patsaev, V. Volkov. The film shows: experiments on the "Orbit" installation (3,4 parts); production processes at the enterprises of the space industry; tests of the Salyut space station (parts 2, 3); filming of space flight on board the Soyuz-4 spacecraft with cosmonaut V.А. Shatalov (1, 4 parts), space flight on the Soyuz-5 spacecraft with cosmonaut B.V. Volynov (1, 4 parts), space flight on the Soyuz-11 spacecraft with a crew of Dobrovolsky, Volkov and Patsaev (5, 6 parts). Chronicle footage. 1960-70s. A.S. Eliseev on the street of the city, checks the calculating device on board the Salyut station, is present at the cosmodrome before the launch of the Soyuz-10 spacecraft (1, 2, 4 parts). A.G. Nikolaev on the street of the city of Zvezdny during the landing of the Soyuz-9 spacecraft, at the MCC during a communication session with the Soyuz-11 spacecraft (1.6 parts). 1970-1971. Cosmonauts N.N. Rukavishnikov and V.A. Shatalov checking the equipment of the Salyut space station. V.A. Shatalov participates in a discussion with American experts about the possibility of creating joint space projects (parts 2-4). PART ONE House-Museum of V.I. Tsiolkovsky in Kaluga. Moscow, Red Square, St. Basil's Cathedral, Spasskaya Tower, Lenin's Mausoleum. Chronicle footage. No shooting date. Schoolchildren in a geography lesson. Sun over water. Monument to the Conquerors of the Arctic on the sea coast. Waves of one of the northern seas. Blizzard. The cross on the grave of V.I. Bering. Polar station on a drifting ice floe, polar explorers eliminate the emergency. Airplane at the airport. Passengers get on the plane along the ladder. Foreign scientists are exploring the seabed. Rockets take off. The satellite is separated from the launch vehicle. February 1934. Chronicle footage of the expedition on the steamer "Chelyuskin": gunpowder in the ice, drowning, the crew and passengers on the ice floe. 1960s. Cosmonauts Gagarin, E.V. Khrunov, V.M. Komarov, V.F. Bykovsky on the street of the city of Zvezdny. April 12, 1961. The launch of the spacecraft "Vostok-1", Gagarin in a spacesuit in the cockpit. France, Paris, 1970s. The crash of an airplane piloted by the Italian pilot Danatti, in the sky over the Le Bourget airfield during the work of the World Aviation and Cosmonautics Show. Moscow, 1971. The funeral of the USSR pilot-cosmonauts G.T. Dobrovolsky, V.N. Volkova, V.I. Patsaev killed during the landing of the Soyuz-11 spacecraft. PART TWO Chronicle footage. No shooting date. Simulation station "Salyut", which conducts experiments to test the life support systems of cosmonauts. The testers exit after completing one of the experiments. Space atelier workshop for sewing flight uniforms for cosmonauts. Demonstration of a loading suit. PART THREE Chronicle footage. Moscow region, the city of Zvezdny [1970]. NASA Director Robert Givrud (USA) discusses with Soviet specialists and cosmonauts the possibility of creating joint space projects, inspects the Salyut training station. PART FOUR Chronicle footage. No shooting date. Undocking of satellites "Kosmos-186" and "Kosmos-188". Refueling the plane with fuel in the air. Coupling of freight cars on the sidings of a railway station. 1971 Preparation and launch of the Salyut orbital unmanned station. Flight of the spacecraft "Soyuz-10" 04/22/24/24/1971. Rocket launch: spacecraft in orbit, docking of the spacecraft with the Salyut station. PART FIVE Delivery of the rocket to the cosmodrome. PART SIX June 19, 1970. The crew of the Soyuz-9 spacecraft A.G. Nikolaev and V.I. Sevastyanov during landing.
N. Makarov
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international economic relations
, cosmonautics
, international scientific relations
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B. Smirnov, G. Anokhin
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