Stones and Bread

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A film about Estonia. Estonia, Tallinn. Streets, buildings of ancient and modern architecture, including: town hall, towers, conservatory, hotel "Tallinn". Chimney sweep on the roof. Monuments: V. Kingisepp, J. Anvelt, G. Pegelman. Cenotaph. Eternal flame. Meeting and parade of veterans of the Second World War. Transport, pedestrian traffic. The park. Square. The audience on the benches. Children are playing. House-building plant. Construction of residential and public buildings. Meeting with the chief architect of the city. Tallinn layout. Sea port. Cadets of the Tallinn Naval School lay flowers at the monument to Krusenstern, attend church before going to sea. Training sailing vessel at sea. Solemn meeting of old revolutionaries in the building of the former Soldier's House. Speakers: H. Allik, O. Lauristin (synchronously in Estonian). Doctor of Economics, Chairman of the Council of National Economy of Estonia A. Weimer gives interviews (synchronously). Collective farm [Kuldresskiy]. Family members of one of the first chairmen of the village council, Yu. Nevee, killed by bandits: S. Nevee, H. Nevee, I. Nevee at work. Collective farm livestock farm. Milking cows. Transportation of cans with milk by a horse team. Plowing the land with tractors. Saarema Island. Landscapes of the Baltic Sea. One of the fishing farms. Fishermen are mending nets. Trawlers at sea. Fishing. The town of Kohtla-Järve. Oil shale production processes. Oil shale chemical plant. Transport, pedestrian traffic. Fashion atelier. Viewing and discussion of a movie in the "Film Amateur" club. Baltic hydroelectric power station. Building. Structures. Turbine hall. Control room. Chronicle [Estonia]. No place, no date of shooting. Workers are working in a quarry, digging a ditch, queuing up for soup. Police officers. Unemployed. Residents evicted from the apartment for non-payment. Estonia, June 1940. Release of political prisoners from prison. The rally in the square. Speakers: V. Reining, A. Jõeyar, I. Lauristin. 1945-150s. Destruction in the city of Tallinn. Restoration of buildings. The reconstructed Harju street. Builders at work. 1950 to 1965 Laboratory tests of an artificial stone - silicalcite. Silicalcite inventor I. Hint at work. Construction of the Baltic hydroelectric power station. Sappers of one of the military units neutralize a projectile from the Second World War.
S. Shkolnikov
Film ID
urban transport
, science
, relaxation
, public service
, architecture
, livestock
, revolutionary movement in russia
, the great patriotic war
, fuel industry
, energy
, fishing
, club type institutions
, cartage
, agriculture
, monuments of history and architecture
, cinematography
, garment industry
, professional education
, cities
Number of Parts
S. Shkolnikov, A. Seet
Other Creators
music by K.P.Sink
Release Date
Has Sound

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