Stop Who Goes

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Mountain outpost. Border guards are going by on horseback. Coastal border guard. Border guards in a boat, disembark, transmit an alarm signal. Locator screen. The radio operator reports the appearance of an unknown target (synchronously). Naval headquarters. Boats go out to sea to help the patrol ship. Anxiety on the ship. The sailors are preparing their weapons for battle. A hydroacoustician is working (synchronously). The navigator checks the ship's course. Border guards run out of the helicopter, drive along the highway. Verification of documents. Intruders come out of the water, take off their diving suits, throw their pistols and raise their hands. Robber's Bay. Detection of light diving suits by border guards. Arrival of new forces to pursue violators. Border guards surround the intruder. Rocket salvo of ships. The sailor drops depth charges. Oil stain on the water. The emergence of a submarine surrounded by ships. A patrol ship that is on duty to guard the border in the Pacific Ocean. Captain, radio operator. The trespasser is a Japanese schooner. Sailors-border guards disembark on a Japanese schooner. Clarification of the reasons for the entry of the ship into Soviet waters. Moscow. Sheremetyevsky airport. Checking those who arrived in Moscow. A suitcase with a double bottom, a belt with currency, anti-Soviet literature. Inspection of a foreign aircraft. Checking freight cars at the Brest station. Checking documents at Podrubnoye station. USA. CIA card file. West Berlin. Intelligence school. Shooting at the range. Jumping from an airplane. Disembarkation from a speedboat. Ejection of a capsule from an airplane. Landing of the capsule. A man emerges from the capsule. Photos of military objects. Powers. The border guards who discovered Powers' plane. Map of foreign bases.
F. Kiselev
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, espionage
, protection of state borders
Number of Parts
A. Istomin, Yu. Korovkin, L. Maksimov
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Has Sound

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