Stories From the History of Soviet Science Film 3 - Sons of the Fatherland

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A film about the work of Soviet scientists during the Great Patriotic War. Newsreel: German soldiers are firing from guns, German soldiers and equipment are moving past burning houses, German sailors are throwing mines into the water, O. Yu. Schmidt is in the cockpit with a pilot, militias are learning how to handle weapons, views of the besieged city of Leningrad, the Hermitage with empty frames. Photos of academicians: A. F. Ioffe and P. L. Kapitsa, N. N. Burdenko, A. N. Kolmogorov and others. The building of the Physics and Technology Institute. Monument to sunken ships in the city of Sevastopol. Interior of Kazan University: foyer, assembly hall. House where A.P. Aleksandrov lived. N. I. Vavilov's office. The building of the Institute of Plant Industry. Newsreel: the exposition of the Museum of the History of Leningrad, vegetable gardens on the streets of Leningrad, cars are going on the ice of Lake Ladoga Monument dedicated to the breaking of the blockade ring of Leningrad. Newsreel: A. Yakovlev at his desk, S. A. Lavochkin and S. V. Ilyushin at work, Ilyushin with a group of designers, assembling the aircraft in the shop of the plant. Welding of tank parts. EO Paton talks with a worker. NN Burdenko with a group of doctors puts on gowns, Burdenko looks at the picture, performs the operation. Types of burning Stalingrad, a woman walks through the ruins. Flerov and Ermolaev in the laboratory. Flerov works with instruments. Types of the military Voronezh. Rooms in the sanatorium "Uzkoe", near Moscow, where V. I. Vernadsky lived, the library of the sanatorium. Session of the USSR Academy of Sciences; among the participants - academician L.A. Orbeli.
E. Ostashenko
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, the second world war
, science
, physics
, aviation industry
, genetics
, monuments
, cities
, medicine
, geography
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P. Filimonov
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