Strange Generation

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Part I. The magazines "Novy Mir", "Moscow" and "Ogonyok" for 1988 lie all over the room. A working information bureau in the city of Kuibyshev; pedestrians; passing city transport; quarter of new buildings and the central part of the city. Part II. G. Kuibyshev. The house in which the author of the film - B. Svoyskiy - lived for 20 years, the school in which he studied; Volga embankment; city square with vacationers; the building of one of the buildings of the State Institute of Culture, where students study; monument to V.I. Chapaev (1932, architect I. Langbard, sculptor M. Manizer) on the square of the same name with the building of the administration of the Kuibyshev State Institute of Culture (until 1917 - the House of the Governor, until 1971 - the building of the Kuibyshev Regional Committee of the CPSU). A square with a monument to Valerian Kuibyshev (1938, architect N. Trotsky, sculptor M. Manizer) and the Academic Opera and Ballet Theater (1938, architect N.D. Katsenelenbogen, project by N. Trotsky). Mansion A.P. Kurlina (1903, architect A.U. Zelenko). Part III. Author Boris Svoyskiy meets with classmate Igor Khristem. Streets of Kuibyshev with passing vehicles. Zhiguli hotel. Old area. Courtyards of 2-storey wooden houses. The boys are taking water into a bucket from the pump; together they carry it; playing football near the house.
B. Svoysky
Film ID
, media
Number of Parts
L. Sadkova
Other Creators
scriptwriter B. Svoyskiy, composer M. Levyant, lyrics by B. Svoyskiy, sound engineer V. Popov, editor B. Kozhin, film director V. Gushchin
Release Date
Has Sound

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