Struggle on Communications Vitebsk Direction

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1st Baltic Front, January 1944. A tense situation has developed on one of the most important strategic communications of the Vitebsk-Polotsk railway. The units of the formation, commanded by Major General Kabaridze, in a narrow sector wedged themselves into the enemy's defenses, coming close to the railroad. Major Nikolai Nikitovich Androsov talks with officers near the dugout, which houses the headquarters of the 1st battalion of Captain Kuzin. The commander of the 1st battalion Kuzin monitors the fighting from the edge of the forest. Soldiers of the 1st company of Lieutenant G. Savin conduct machine-gun and weapon fire at the enemy on the railroad track. The sooty and bloody face of a soldier, shell-shocked during a grenade explosion. Sniper Agarkov, machine gunner Sergeant Bogdanov are firing at the enemy. The soldiers are buried in the embankment near the railway. The explosions of German grenades are on our side among the cells occupied by our soldiers. The soldiers repulse the enemy's grenade attack with anti-tank grenades. Lieutenant Grigory Savinov in a trench gives a command to the soldiers. Soldiers in the trench are passing grenades. Soldier Yakovlev is cleaning a rifle. Rewarding the participants of the last battles. The awards are presented by Major General Kabaridze. Guards Lieutenant G. Savin and Senior Sergeant Malyshev receive awards in front of the formation of soldiers.
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the great patriotic war
, ground troops
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Semin A.G.
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