Submariner From Ukraine

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Northern Fleet, Barents Sea, pos. Polyarny, July 5, 1943 Submarine S-51 under the command of Captain 3rd Rank Ivan Fomich Kucherenko at the base. IF Kucherenko and the crew of the boat on the deck. The commander of the submarine brigade, Hero of the Soviet Union, 1st Rank Captain Ivan Aleksandrovich Kolyshkin goes up to the deck of the submarine, greets the crew. I.A. Kolyshkin, standing on the pier, salutes the sailing submarine, which goes on a military campaign. The captain of the 3rd rank, the commander of the S-51 submarine I.F. Kucherenko, who returned to the base from the campaign, gets off the boat and gives a report to the commander of the submarine brigade I.A. Kolyshkin, exchanges greetings with the officers. IA Kolyshkin talks with IF Kucherenko in the presence of officers. The personnel of the S-51 submarine lined up on the deck to solemnly award the crew members with government awards. I.A. Kolyshkin presents awards to the personnel of the S-51 submarine. A brass band is playing. One of the officers fastening the Order of the Battle Red Banner to I.F.Kucherenko's tunic. Speech by I.A. Kolyshkin in front of the crew of the submarine.
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the great patriotic war
, navy
, awards
F. Ovsyannikov
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