Such Is the Holiday

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The film shows the events of November 7, 1991, which took place in Moscow and St. Petersburg. 1990 year. Buggers on Red Square. A line of soldiers with banners, Suvorovites, officers of the academies is passing by. On the podium of the Mausoleum A. Lukyanov, D. Yazov, M. Gorbachev, N. I. Ryzhkov. Tanks on Red Square (August 1991). November 7, 1991. Empty Red Square, tribune of the Mausoleum, guest bleachers. Palace Square in Leningrad. Meeting. The poster on board the truck "Glory to October". Orator at the microphone. Portraits of Lenin. Moscow. Metro station "October Square". People go to the rally. People are singing "Internationale", handing out leaflets. Participants of the rally are speaking (synchronously). A rally in St. Petersburg to mark the return of the city to its original name. A. Sobchak is speaking (synchronously). A minute of silence in memory of the victims of the communist regime. Men with candles. Moscow. Rally at Lubyanka Square. The speaker is speaking (synchronously), the protesters are giving interviews about the future of Russia (synchronously). Communists are passing by. Procession of democrats along Manezhnaya Square in Moscow and the embankment in St. Petersburg. Service in the cathedral. People are praying. Swimming pool "Moscow" on the site of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior. Rally on Red Square. The crowd at the deli. Accordion player.
S. Kuzminsky
Film ID
, state structure
, state holidays
, religion
Number of Parts
G. Epifanov, Yu. Golubev, V. Zababurin
Other Creators
Script A. Rozov
Release Date
Has Sound

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