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The film tells about the results of the 10th five-year plan in the Kuibyshev region. Part 1 Views of the city of Kuibyshev: houses, traffic, pedestrians along the streets, pleasure boats on the river. Obelisk of Glory on Glory Square. Production processes in the workshop of one of the city's enterprises. View of the Main Control Panel of the Kuibyshevskaya HPP. Carrying out tests of the Niva car at the test circuit. Production processes in the VAZ assembly shop. Participants of the All-Union seminar on the study of the experience of VAZ during a tour of the VAZ, exchange views. Interview with Vasily Mikhailovich Malykhin, the foreman of the assembly and body production, Hero of Socialist Labor (sync. And behind the scenes). Production processes in the shops of the Kuibyshev Aviation Production Association. View of the TU-154 aircraft in the assembly shop of the enterprise. The plane TU-154 takes off from the airfield. Production processes at the Kuibyshev Machine-Tool Plant. Specialists-designers of the Central Design Bureau of the enterprise are developing models of new high-tech machine tools. Testing new machines. Completion of the installation of equipment in new workshops, where the most modern machines will be produced. Employees of the plant of automotive electrical equipment named after A.M. Tarasova leave the checkpoint of the enterprise after the end of the shift. Production processes in the workshop of the 4th gas processing plant. Workers at the machines; among them Sergey Egorovich Sonin. Production processes at the confectionery association "Russia". Packaging and packaging of sweets on the production line. Chocolate on the conveyor. General view of boxes with chocolates and chocolates. Interview with the director of the enterprise - Hero of Socialist Labor Elena Vasilievna Shpakova (sync and behind the scenes). Production processes at the metallurgical plant. V.I. Lenin. View of the Syzran oil refinery. Completion of the installation of the installation for the production of normal paraffins using the steam method. General view of the main control panel of the enterprise. The paraffin that will be received will be used for the production of feed yeast. Construction of residential buildings in Kuibyshev. The foreman of the best brigade of builders Fyodor Ivanovich Rogovoy supervises the construction. General view of new houses in Kuibyshev. Newsreel footage, 1975-78: construction of the Togliatti nitrogen plant; general view of the construction site, installation of buildings, equipment. Part 2. Public and transport on the streets of the city. Monument to V. Chapaev on the square. Signpost in one of the city districts where the first metro line will be built. Settlement of the state farm "Severny Klyuch": city-type houses, buildings of the House of Culture, music and general education schools, a canteen, a children's complex. Residents of the village in the park near the recreation center. Kindergarten teachers for a walk with children: children play ball, weave wreaths. State farm pig farm; pig-breeder Maria Terentyevna Sergeeva caring for piglets. Dairy farm of the Kryazh state farm; among the milkmaids - Anna Ilyinichna Vorgodyaeva. State farm "Rodina": irrigation installations in the fields. Harvesting green mass of corn in the fields of the state farm "Rodina" Pestrovsky district. Workers of the reclamation team, headed by Nikolai Vasilyevich Duboshin, are discussing the work plan for the fixed irrigated area, checking the quality of the mown grasses. A truck unloads the chopped green mass on the territory of the pelleted feed workshop. Harvesting wheat in the fields of the collective farm. M. Frunze Bolsheglushitsky. The harvesting and transport unit of the Hero of Socialist Labor Anatoly Ivanovich Panarin competes with the Komsomol youth unit of Vasily Ivanovich Kriklivy. Harvesting of potatoes in the fields of farms of the region. Production chiefs assist in harvesting. The girls are sorting potatoes on a conveyor. Students of the Polytechnic Institute talk in the courtyard of the institute, attend lectures in the audience, in practical classes in the laboratory. Students of the Medical Institute in practical classes with Academician Igor Borisovich Soldatov. Doctor of Philology, Professor Lev Adolfovich Fink gives a lecture to students at the university. The building of the Kuibyshev Academic Drama Theater named after M. Gorky. the chief director of the theater, n.a. USSR, Pyotr Lvovich Monastyrsky conducts a rehearsal. People's Artist of the USSR Vera Alexandrovna Ershova is preparing for the play. B / W newsreels: February 1980, Kuibyshev. Zonal meeting of livestock workers in the Volga region and the South Urals. Participants of the meeting in the foyer, in the hall during the meeting. Speech by the Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the RSFSR M.S. Solomentsev. General view of the presidium. On the presidium, the 1st secretary of the Kuibyshev regional committee of the CPSU, Evgeny Fedorovich Muravyov, and others. Solomentsev of the leading farms of the region: a greenhouse complex, a dairy plant. MS Solomentsev passes through one of the greenhouses where cucumbers are grown. Packages of milk on a conveyor in one of the workshops of the plant.
B. Svoysky
Film ID
urban transport
, automobile transport
, building
, livestock
, water transport
, preschool education
, automotive industry
, plant growing
, higher professional education
, energy
, fuel industry
, metallurgy
, theatre
, tractor machine building
, school education
, state agricultural enterprises
, chemical industry
, food industry
, aviation industry
, public catering
, engineering industry
, cities
Number of Parts
N. Shumkova, K. Stepanov
Other Creators
screenwriter G. Shaposhnikova, sound engineer V. Shubin, editor B. Kozhin
Release Date
Has Sound

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