Sunny Glade

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The plot of the film is dedicated to lonely elderly people who live in a nursing home, forgotten by their relatives and friends. The printing press works, which adds up the latest issues of the newspaper. Newspapers: Komsomolskaya Pravda, Volzhskaya Kommuna, Literaturnaya Gazeta, Izvestia. Quote from an article in one of the newspapers "I will never believe that a mother can become a burden ...". List of articles in newspapers: "Take care of mothers", "An old man in the house", "Who will help our mother?", "Filial duty", Winter landscape: trees in a winter park, snow-covered hills, a winter river, a road across the river, a view of one of settlements on the banks of the river. Elderly women in the nursing home talk about their lives (in German). The head physician of the nursing home listens to the women. Women in the lobby of a nursing home watch TV, a man and a woman read newspapers and magazines at the table. One of the women feeds the fish in the aquarium, the other woman looks out the window. The head physician of the Nursing Home is sitting in his office at the table, examining photographs belonging to the residents of the Nursing Home, talking on the phone. Nursing Home employees set the table for tea in honor of March 8th. Festive cake on the table. A festive concert at the Nursing Home: children dance and sing. Inhabitants of the Nursing Home in the hall watching a concert, applauding children. Faces of women (close-ups). The motor ship is sailing along the Volga. The motor ship "Raketa" is approaching the pier. Passengers go down the ladder to the shore. Building and territory of the Nursing Home, elderly women are sitting in the yard. The Moskvich car drives up to the Nursing Home. People who have come to visit their relatives hug and kiss them when they meet. Lonely women look at the meeting of relatives with longing in their eyes. Swallow nests on the high steep bank of the river.
М. Serkov
Film ID
, water transport
, everyday life
, state holidays
, landscapes
, artistic activities
, social security
, zoology
Number of Parts
B. Bychkov, K. Stepanov. V. Fedorov
Other Creators
I. Nifonova, O. Ivanova
Release Date
Has Sound

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