Tajikistan Tragedy and Hope

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A film about the tragedy that the Tajik people are going through after the collapse of the USSR. Tajikistan. Patrols on the roads, checking documents. The consequences of the riots in the city of Dushanbe: destroyed buildings, bullets in the windows of houses. A rally in support of the opposition. A rally in defense of democracy. Nureyev and Safa are present. Police cordons. Riots in the city. The arrested are put into a car. Refugees are attacking a helicopter. Bread is handed out to refugees, women are crying. The buildings of the bathhouse of the "Turkmenistan" state farm, where Islamic party militants held prisoners, tortured and shot. The journalist B. Saydaliev testifies (synchronously). Cemetery. The relatives of the victims are crying, giving interviews (synchronously). The wounded in the hospital. Medium plans of those killed during the fighting in Dushanbe S. Safarov, R. Abdurakhimov, F. Saidov. Destruction. UN mission. Construction and restoration of houses. Restoration of the mosque. One of the sections of the border between Russia and Tajikistan. Helicopters in the air. Wounded, killed border guards soldiers. Prisoners. Border guard officers give interviews (synchronously). Meeting of the Heads of State of the CIS. Boris N. Yeltsin is speaking. E. Rakhmonov present. E. Rakhmonov speaks at the UN. E. Rakhmonov passes through the square in Dushanbe. Meeting of Boris N. Yeltsin and E. Rakhmonov.
B. Рычков, С. Jurabayev
Film ID
social and political movement
, public order protection
, guarding the state border
, international connections
, international organizations
, revolutionary movement
Number of Parts
V. Izvekov, V. Baikov
Other Creators
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