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The film is dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the civil air fleet. Filming was carried out in Moscow, the Arctic, Tyumen, Uzbekistan, Yakutsk. Airplane in the air. Girl-pilot, stewardess in the cabin, pilot in the cockpit. Passengers in the cabin. Landscapes from the plane. Mountain, sea, valley of geysers. Geologists, volcanologists. The airport. Fishing in the sea. The plane flies over the ocean. The plane is pollinating the field with fertilizers. Flying over the Tyumen region, over the gas fountain; delivery of the patient to the hospital by helicopter in Yakutsk. Airports: in Yerevan, Sheremetyevo-2. Representative offices of Aeroflot in Budapest, Frankfurt am Main, London, Havana. Chronicle. V. P. Chkalov, G. F. Baidukov, A. V. Belyakov in the USA. Flight of a passenger plane TU-104 on the route Moscow-Prague, aviation during the Great Patriotic War, polar aviation. Aviation extinguishes forest fires. Aviators: V. P. Voronin, I. Moskafidi, G. I. Tskhovrebov, Yu. A. Yuzhakov, N. N. Babintsev, G. S. Maltsev and others in flight. Participants in the rescue of the Chelyuskinites: V. S. Molokov, N. P. Kamanin, I. T. Slepnev and others. Meeting of aircraft designers. Present: Minister of Civil Aviation B.P.Bugaev, aircraft designers: A.S. Yakovlev, A.A. Tupolev, G.V. Novozhilov and others.
I. Galin
Film ID
the great patriotic war
, economic communications
, fuel industry
, fishing
, geology
, health care
, flights
, natural disasters
, landscapes
, aircraft construction
, volcanism
, aviation of special purpose
, cities
, air transport
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V. Dobronitsky
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