Taking of the Kavkazskaya Railway Junction

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North Caucasian Front, 01/29/1943 General view of the positions of machine gunners of the 84th Special Marine Rifle Brigade of the 11th Rifle Corps of the 9th Army on the heights of the city of Kropotkin and the position of the Separate Anti-Tank Fighter Division under the command of the Guard of Captain P.Ya. Glass ... Installation of 45 mm anti-tank guns to start the operation to liberate the Kavkazskaya railway junction. The guns are firing at enemy positions, the machine gunners of the 84th Special Marine Rifle Brigade go on the attack. Submachine gunners are fighting on the territory of the railway junction. General type of destruction at the station "Kavkazskaya". A group of commanders led by the commander of the 84th Motorized Rifle Brigade of the Guard Captain F.F. Voloshin and the deputy. brigade commander for political affairs by Lieutenant Colonel A.N. Danilov pass through the territory of the station, liberated from the Germans. Smoke from fires and explosions over the railway station. Panorama of railway trains with tanks, trucks and fuel tanks abandoned by the Germans during the retreat (the quality of filming is not very good, since the weather was very cloudy).
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the great patriotic war
, settlements
75,2 (общ. 284,2)
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D. Sholomovich, L. Kotlyarenko
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