Taking the Military Oath Mehlis

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1 hour - Speech by the People's Commissar of Defense K. E. Voroshilov before taking the military oath (sinhr.). Voroshilov takes the military oath, after which he signs its text (sync.), Delivers a congratulatory speech after taking the oath (sync.). (neg 224, 9 m). 2 hours - 3 hours.The oath is taken by L.Z.Mekhlis - Deputy People's Commissar of Defense, P.I.Kulik, E.A. Shchadenko, corps commander R.P. Khmelnitsky (2 hours -164, 4 m, 3 hours). - snow 205, 7 m - sync.). 4 hours - K.E. Voroshilov addresses the soldiers who have taken the military oath. Among those present - I.A. Naydenov, L.Z. Mekhlis, I.S. Rozovsky (neg. 108 m). 5 hours - Speech by S. K. Timoshenko before the soldiers (neg. 186, 4 m). 6 hours - Marshal of the Soviet Union S.M.Budyonny, Chief of the General Staff of the Red Army V.M.Shaposhnikov, pilot V.S. Milk is sworn in (neg. 125, 9 pm - sync.). 7 hours - Students and commanders of the Military Academy named after V.I. M. V. Frunze, soldiers of the Kiev military district, incl. corps commissar A.S. Nikolaev (neg. 276, 5 m). 8 hours - Taking the military oath by the responsible officers of the People's Commissariat of Defense (162, 7 m). 9 hours - Taking the oath at the People's Commissariat of the Navy (neg 150, 8 m). 10 hours - People's Commissar of Defense K. E. Voroshilov takes the oath (50, 5 m).
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armed forces
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Brantman, Dobronitsky
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