Tales Flew From the End of the World

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The film tells about the Nivkhs living in the lower reaches of the Amur and on Sakhalin Island, about their occupations, about the wealth of the region in which they live. The film includes the following filming: Landscapes of the lower reaches of the Amur River, Sakhalin Island, the Kuril Islands: flora, volcanoes, geysers, autumn and winter forest, hills, bird colonies on one of the Kuril Islands, pinniped rookery along the coast, rocky ledges and islands in the Pacific Ocean. Men bathe in the spring of birth. Salmon spawning in one of the rivers of Sakhalin. Rapids on the river. Bears by the river, swimming in the river. An elderly woman of the Nivkh people plays a national instrument (sinhr.), Smokes. Fishermen pull nets with fish to the shore. The Nivkh hunter walks all over with a wounded bird. Women butcher salmon fish, lay out fish fillets for drying. A man hangs fish for drying, puts ready-made dried fish on a sled, rides on a sled harnessed to a dog. The women are frying cakes over the fire. Nivkh girls beat drums. The national economy of Sakhalin: a general view of a radar station, an airplane takes off from an airfield, an all-terrain vehicle rides, a train enters and exits a tunnel, a dump truck drives along a highway, a drilling rig is in operation, miners descend into the face of a coal mine, a view of a greenhouse with early vegetables - cucumbers and tomatoes, a worker of a fish canning factory is placing red caviar in cans, a kind of racks with smoked fish in the factory's smoking workshop; fishing by Sakhalin fishermen: fishermen on the ship pull nets with fish, a purse with fish rises to the deck, general view of fishing boats in the harbor and in one of the ports of Sakhalin, residential houses on the shore, people climb the cable car, an oil boom works at one of the fields , kindergarten pupils go for a walk with teachers.
A. Mironov
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fuel industry
, road transport
, fishing
, food industry
, animal world
, vegetable world
, landscapes
, communication
, railway transport
, air transport
, plant growing
, features of nationality
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N. Sologubov
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