Talk About Stones and Birds

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The film tells about people involved in pigeon breeding, about the problems that have been facing them lately. The following filming was used in the film: Part 1: General view of Taganskaya Square in Moscow; the heroes of the film - pigeon breeders - A.R.Sakayan, K.M. Gubelman, Yu.P. Shmelev and V.A.Vasiliev are sitting in front of the TV, talking about pigeons, sharing their memories (sync. and off-screen.); children hold pigeons in their hands, Yuri Shmelev at the dovecote, talking with pigeons (sinhr.), catching pigeons with a net. gives them vitamins, doves sit on eggs, dove with a newborn chick, doves fly in the sky over Moscow, return and sit on the roof; the stage driver of the Drama and Comedy Theater on Taganka Yuri Shmelev behind the scenes of the theater, giving remarks (sync. and behind the scenes), the workers set up a model of Lenin's sculpture on the stage, talking with each other, Yuri Shmelev goes down on the crane to the stage, in his hands is a dove, workers, incl. Yu.Shmelev mount the scenery; construction equipment works at one of the construction sites, A.R. Sakayan at his dovecote, located next to the construction site, talks about the problems he and his pigeons have in connection with this construction, as well as that the boys have disappeared interest in pigeons (sync. and outside the frame.), pigeons fly out of the dovecote, A. Sakayan looks into the sky; members of the Moscow club of pigeon breeders stand on the street near the club, holding pigeons in their hands, one of them puts a cage with pigeons on the ground. newsreel footage of Moscow in the 1950s: a general view of Taganskaya Square, one of the city's districts, trams are passing by, boys are hanging on the footboard of one of the trams; general view of the poultry market, people walk around the market, looking at pigeons in cages; a crowd of people, including boys on one of the streets, a girl feeding pigeons in the street; aerial parade at the Tushino airfield: airplanes in the sky, spectators applaud the pilots footage of a feature film: a dove and a hawk in the sky, children look at birds, a hawk grabs a dove. the sky above the airfield, spectators applaud the skill of the pilots, two "maize" - fly in the sky and land at the airfield; general view of the Moscow poultry market, a man holds a girl on his shoulders, rows of pigeons in the market, people buy pigeons, cages with birds, including singers in the market, cans of fish. Foreign newsreels: columns of demonstrators with paper pigeons and banners pass along the streets of Prague, girls release pigeons, smiling people in the streets; the train moves along the road among the mountains, the man in the carriage carries baskets of pigeons, feeds the birds; the judge of the pigeon competition seals the clock, the pigeons in the cages before the start of the competition, the judge with a stopwatch near the cages with the pigeons, the pigeon breeders release their pigeons, the flock rises into the sky, one of the pigeons returns to the dovecote, the judge removes the ring from the pigeon's paw. General view of the construction site, the heroes of the film - members of the Moscow club of pigeon breeders are talking among themselves, discussing the problem of dovecotes (sync. And behind the scenes.) general view of the bird market, a man carries pigeons in a cage, the Chinese buy pigeons in the market, a man carries a cage with pigeons, rows of pigeons in the market, A. Sakayan talks to a man at the bird market (sync. and per frame.); Yu. Shmelev on attic, watering potted flowers, sweeping the floor in the dovecote, talking on the phone on the roof (sync.); a panorama of Taganskaya Square (filmed from above), pigeons are flying over the square; A. Sakayan talks about sports pigeon breeding in the developed countries of the West (sinhr.), Puts on a robe with the emblem of the pigeon breeders club, ringing pigeons in the club using a ringing machine; men take out the cage with pigeons, carry it to the car, part 3: the movement of cars along the road, towels hang along the road, a traffic police officer stops a van with pigeons, talks with the driver, a van with pigeons stands in a field, pigeons are in cages, a man opens gates, pigeons soar into the sky, circling over the road; General view of the construction site next to A. Sakayan's dovecote, A. Sakayan talks with builders (sync. and off-screen), looks at how his dovecote is transferred; A. Sakayan, Y. Shmelev, K. Gubelman and V. Vasiliev are talking in the room in front of the TV (sync.); children on the river bank, feeding ducks, a boy and a girl feeding pigeons, talking (sync.), a boy screaming (sync.), running from a high bank, throwing a stone into the water, view of an unfinished house. Newsreel footage: general view of the meeting room of the Supreme Council USSR, N.S. Khrushchev on the podium; festival of youth and students in Moscow in 1957 - people release pigeons at the Lenin stadium in Luzhniki, pigeons circle over the stadium, people applaud.
L. Sitnikov
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urban transport
, road transport
, international youth movement
, air force
, higher bodies of state power
, everyday life
, theatre
, militia
, construction
, cities
, trade
, poultry
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V. Izvekov
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