Tankers - Stalinists

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Military Academy of Mechanization and Motorization of the Red Army. Stalin. Academy building. Solemn meeting of students of the Academy. Speech by the head of the academy, Major General Kovalev. Military parade on Red Square: tanks are passing by, planes are flying. A group of academy teachers. Students of the Academy at a lecture on the history of military affairs. Practical training for future tank commanders at the training ground and in the building of the academy, in special workshops at the academy. Academician Chudakov is testing military vehicles. Students of the academy in the reading room, at a party meeting. Admission to the party of participants in the war with Finland. Classes of students of the Academy in the gym. Theoretical and combat training of students of the Academy in summer camps: preparation for tactical exercises, episodes of tactical tank exercises. General view of military exercises: explosions thunder, bombers in the air. Artillery and tank actions. Infantry actions under the cover of tanks. The arrival of S. M Budyonny to the celebration of the graduation of students of the military academy. Speech by S. M Budyonny to the graduates. Graduates walk in a ceremonial march. Tanks on the parade.
V. Boykov
Film ID
higher professional education
, teachings
, political preparation
, communist party
, armed forces
Number of Parts
S. Semenov, D. Rymarev
Other Creators
M. Sobolev, A. Kamionsky, A. Roitman
Release Date
Has Sound

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