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The streets of the town. Passers-by. Young men play guitars, sing. L. Derbysheva interviews passers-by about the problems of adolescents (synchronously). A policeman is leading a drunk teenager. Interview with a teenager (synchronously). Courtroom. The arrested teenagers are being brought in. Trial. School. The guys play in the schoolyard, in the classroom at the lesson. The teacher makes a remark to the students sitting in the classroom, gives interviews (synchronously). Schoolchildren cleaning the classroom, at KVN. The policeman talks about the problems of repetition (synchronously). Associate Professor W. D. Rosenthal leads a lesson in the class of repeaters, gives interviews (synchronously). The city of Gorky. Monument to A.M. Gorky. The streets of the town. Schoolchildren are talking about L. P. Minenko, who organized clubs and sections for the children (synchronously). LP Minenko at the rink with the guys, gives interviews (synchronously). Children flood the ice rink. Hockey game. Rewarding children-hockey players. The guys in the winter park. They smoke. Dispute in the children's room of the police. A policeman is speaking, a man. Interview with Tolya Serkharov (synchronously). The tent city of the youth squad. Guys on the line. Members of the detachment unloading fish in one of the Baltic ports. Journalist E. Volkov, who created the Seeker detachment in Tula; sings with the guys. The family of E. I. Koklyaeva at the festive table, congratulates the grandmother on her 63rd birthday. Danilovsky children's receiver. Parents and children talk in the garden. The teacher is talking with the boy (synchronously). Boarding school. Children make beds at the festive table. The director of the boarding school is speaking (synchronously). Happy birthday to children. The teacher gives interviews (synchronously). Children are dancing. Conversations with parents of children living in a boarding school (synchronously). Seeing off the children to the pioneer camp. A brass band is playing. Ruler in the camp. Children are charging. The head of the camp gives interviews (synchronously). Children swim, go to the dining room. Weighing children. Children from the commune of young Frunzens pass by, with their hands erected monuments to the fallen heroes. The construction of the guys at the monument, walk through the huts, specifying the names of the victims, help the families of the victims: carry water, chop, saw firewood. Children from the commune give interviews (synchronously). Young Communards take an oath (synchronously).
L. Derbysheva
Film ID
public order protection
, leisure
, court
, school education
, out-of-school education
, homelessness
Number of Parts
V. Baikov
Other Creators
script E. Kuznetsov, composer Y. Butsko
Release Date
Has Sound

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