Thailand Rain Season

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Bangkok city in the rainy season; streets flooded with water, fountains of water from passing cars. Soviet ore carrier ship in the port; bank building; shopping stalls on the street. Sea, rocks, bay, Phang-Nga cave, palm trees. Thais are engaged in agricultural work, catching, butchering fish, painting umbrellas. Rice field view. Floating market: sellers with goods in boats, buyers move around the market in boats. Elephants drag teak logs to the water for rafting. Feeding the elephants. A man collects coconuts, knocked from a tree by a trained monkey. Buildings, interiors of Buddhist temples, Buddha sculptures. Buddhist monks in monasteries during prayers, rest, meals. A village inhabited by the pagans of the Meo hill tribe. The villagers are near their homes. View of the power plant and dam. Tin mining in a quarry: erosion of rocks by a jet of water. Quarrying, transporting fluorite-containing rocks by machines. Moments of the fight of Thai boxers. Fight of roosters. Dances of Thai girls. The king of Thailand with the queen and retinue while visiting a Buddhist temple. Demonstration of students of Tammasat University on the day of commemoration of students who died on October 14, 1973.
D. Gasyuk, B. Golovnya
Film ID
social and political movement
, economic communications
, energy
, fishing
, sea transport
, boxing
, finance
, paganism
, government
, landscapes
, agriculture
, decorative and applied art
, cities
, trade
, buddhism
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D. Gasyuk, B. Golovnya
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