The Angel Blew His Horn

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The film tells about the life of older people during the transition period after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Their youth fell on the sixties, years of hope. Performances of young poets A. Voznesensky, R. Rozhdestvensky, B. Akhmadulina, E. Yevtushenko, B. Okudzhava at the Polytechnic Institute (fragments from M. Khutsiev's film "Ilyich's Outpost", 1964) as a symbol of new life. How the life of their peers in Samara ends is shown in the picture. Part I. Elderly women are walking through the cemetery. The orderlies in the morgue prepare the deceased for burial. At the cemetery, workers are digging graves. Suicide note of a suicide woman. Residents of the city nursing home talk about their worries: a small pension, illness, loneliness. There is no one to expect help. Part II. A cemetery with unmarked graves. Lunch at a nursing home. Investigative actions of the police in the apartment where the pensioner voluntarily passed away; her last note. Workshop for making artificial flowers for farewell wreaths. In the hope of winning money, a crowd of people gathered at the car with lottery tickets. Part III. City dump. Residents collect suitable things in the mountains of garbage. Elderly women beg on the streets of Samara. Cathedral of the Intercession of the Most Holy Theotokos with a procession of the cross. In the cemetery, the gravediggers lower the coffin; workers bury graves.
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Film ID
a television
, christianity
, situation of various populations
, militia
, employment
, social security
, consumer services
Number of Parts
There is no data
Other Creators
scriptwriter A. Zhogolev with the participation of M. Serkov, sound engineer V. Shubin, editor B. Kozhin, director of the film crew V. Lipkin
Release Date
Has Sound

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