The Appeal of the Ryazan Livestock Breeders

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Ryazan city. Types of streets, embankment. Visitors inspect the products of collective and state farms at the annual agricultural exhibition. The film tells about the agricultural workers of the Ryazan region, who responded to the party's call to double meat production during the seven-year period. Rural landscape. 1953 year. Veteran of collective farm labor, twice Hero of Socialist Labor, milkmaid of the collective farm "Foundation of Socialism" of the Shilovsky District PN Kovrov at work. 1959 year. PN Kovrova at home writes a letter to the newspaper with an appeal to female collective farmers to increase meat production. The work of calves from the brigade of twice Hero of Socialist Labor KK Petukhova of the "Delo Oktyabrya" collective farm, Izhevsk region. Interview with K. K. Petukhova. Pig females of a pig-breeding farm of the Rossiya collective farm in the Spassky District, under the direction of the head of the farm, MA Sudovykh, feed pigs. Pigs graze in a potato field in summer camps. Poultry farm Kirov Shilovsky district N. Gorshkova feeds the birds, talking with the chairman of the collective farm. The "Kinoperedvizhka" car drives along the road, pulls up to the club. The projectionist shows the film. Maize harvesting link AF Platonova in the collective farm named after Kalinin Miloslavsky region and machine operator V. Konychev from the collective farm "Shock Labor". Pupils of the Potapievskaya secondary school of the Pitelinsky district work at their educational and production poultry farm. The guys take care of ducks and rabbits.
V. Kagarlitsky
Film ID
, out-of-school education
, collective farms
, livestock
, educational activities
, postal communication
, plant growing
Number of Parts
G. Amirov, A. Kaznacheev, V. Kositsyn, N. Stepanov
Other Creators
There is no data
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Has Sound

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