The Architecture of the Olympic Facilities

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Moscow. Type of sports facilities reconstructed and newly built for the XXII Summer Olympic Games in Moscow: - Sports complex in Luzhniki - Central Lenin Stadium, internal and external views of the Palace of Sports, external and internal views of the Small Sports Arena with a new roof built. View of the grandstands of the Big Sports Arena, thickets of the Olympic flame, an improved swimming pool, external and internal view of the new Druzhba gym with pull-out stands. Indoor Olympic Stadium (interior view of the hall, stands, arena, acoustic partition, which allows the arena to be divided into 2 halls). View of the building of the pool, which is part of the Olympic complex. Boxing competition in the hall, swimming competition in the pool. Sports complex "Krylatskoe". View of the building of the indoor cycle track, cycle track. Competitions for cyclists in the indoor hall. CSKA football and track and field complex. View of the lobby, lamps, fencing competitions, wrestling in the hall of the complex. Spectators are watching the competition. New Palace of Sports "Dynamo". Internal view of the hall. Equestrian sports complex in Bitsevsky forest park, intended for equestrian sports. View of the jumping stadium, covered arena. Dressage stadium. Equestrian competitions at the stadium. Palace of Sports "Izmailovo" (external and internal views), spectators watching weightlifting competitions. Photo reporters in the hall. Commentators at the consoles. Olympic shooting range in Mytishchi. View of the building of the complex. View of the building "ACS-Olympiad" on Luzhnetskaya embankment, internal and external views of the television and radio complex in Ostankino. Tallinn. Embankment view. View of the Olympic sailing complex at the mouth of the Parite River. Internal view of the complex's structures - a swimming pool, a ballet ballroom, a dining room. Spectators watch the sailing regatta. Olympic flame in a bowl at the stadium in Luzhniki. View of the Luzhniki stadium during the closing of the Olympic Games. Spectators in the stands. The Olympic Bear is going up.
М. Rafikov
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, sports
, media
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V. Alexandrov
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