The Birth of the City

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The film tells about the construction of the city of Urgal. Index with the inscription: "g. Urgal ". Construction of the city of Urgal. Construction area. Wooden buildings. Builders at work on a construction site. The welder is working. The builder is pulling a metal cable. A crane lifts concrete slabs. Plaque with the inscription: "Urgal city will be built by the team of" Ukrstroy ". Banner on a new residential building: “Welcome! The first new settlers from Donbass ”. A shield with the inscription: "The flag of labor glory was raised in honor of the brigade of A. L. Zosimov." Construction team A.L. Zosimova. NDP on the faces of the builders. Presentation of badges and a banner to the construction team of A.L. Zosimova. Temporary construction camp. Railway cars adapted for buildings. Railway train "Donbass". The inscription on the carriage: "Post office". There is a UAZ passenger car, snow-covered trucks. The team of A.L. Zosimova. Builders hammer in nails, saw boards. Construction of a heating main. Unloading insulation. Builders cover the pipes with insulation, close the heat pipe collector with wooden shields.
V. Pavlyuchenko, M. Kurnosov, S. Rybinok, A. Kirpichevsky
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automobile transport
, building
, everyday life
, cities
, railway transport
, awards
80,5 м
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