The Camp for Repatriates of the International Committee of the Red Cross in the Ivangorod Fortress and Other Films

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The city of Petrograd. The Red Cross flag flutters in the wind. Passers-by, horse-drawn carriage on the Palace Square. Cemetery gates with stucco moldings in the form of human skulls. Estonia, Narva. Ivangorod fortress. A column of civilians and military people is walking across the bridge over the river. Narva to the Ivangorod Fortress, on the territory of which the repatriate camp of the International Committee of the Red Cross is located. The soldiers with their belongings pass through the gates of the fortress. Women, children, the military are traveling in a truck; on the side of which there is an inscription: "INTERDULAG". Above the gate of the fortress is a sign with the inscription: “DURCHGANGSLAGER…. CENF ”, flags of Switzerland and the International Red Cross. Repatriate tents. Men lie, sit on bunks in a tent. Military, women, nurses behind a barbed wire fence. Food distribution in the camp near the field kitchen. The servicemen are eating at an open-air table. Inhabitants of the camp are washing clothes. Church on the territory of the fortress. Men, military men, women, children with their belongings walk along the cobblestone pavement, along the railway tracks in the rain to the Narva railway station to be sent home. A freight train with empty wagons stands on the tracks. Red Cross tent, people with things near the railway. View of the city of Narva. Narva castle. The building of the Narva Town Hall and the obelisk to Peter I in front of the building. There is a road carriage in the square, in which a cabman is sitting. View of one of the streets of Narva. The mansion of burghermeister Johann Christopher Schwartz (1966) on Osterskaya street. Dilapidated buildings. The building of the palace of Peter the Great. On the facade of one of the buildings there is a mourning drapery and flags at half-mast. Funeral garland on the balcony of the house. Portrait of VI Lenin in fir branches above the entrance to the Sevtsentrpechat building. Representatives of the Red Cross stand at the entrance to the building. The Red Cross flag hangs above the entrance. Women, children, men on the pier. A barge with a tug approaches the pier. Passengers descend from the barge, walk along the pier. Locals at the pier. A barge, packed with people, departs from the pier. Warships with colored flags are standing on a river covered with ice. Note: the use of the film document is for scientific purposes only; copied by permission of the Austrian Film Museum.
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