The Capitals of the Baltic Republics

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The film shows three Baltic capitals: Tallinn (Estonia), Riga (Latvia), Vilnius (Lithuania). The oldest capital is Tallinn in the Estonian SSR. Shooting from a helicopter. The Old Town with the Orthodox Cathedral of Alexander Nevsky (1900, architect M.T. Preobrazhensky); the town hall (XIV century); Dome Cathedral (XIII century), dedicated to the Holy Virgin Mary; the medieval fortress Toompea (13th century) and the Tower of Long Hermann; the spire of the Church of St. Olaf (or Oleviste, XIII century). Bust of the gentleman with a lorgnette or "monument to curiosity" in one of the old houses (1910, architect J. Rosenbaum) on Pikk street. Near the historical center there are high-rise buildings of the former insurance company EEKS-MAJA (1936, architects E. Lohk) and the House of Arts (1933, architects E.J. Kuusik and A. Soans) on Freedom Square. Riga is the capital of the Latvian SSR. Cable-stayed bridge over the Daugava river (1981); the spire of the Cathedral of St. James (1225); St. Peter's Church (1209-1690); Dome Cathedral (1211-1270); a sculpture of a cat on a tower (a house with black cats was built in 1909, architect F. Scheffel); the building of the Latvian Academy of Arts (1905, architect V. Bokslaf). In memory of the revolutionary events of the early 20th century, there is a monument to the Latvian Riflemen on the square (1971, sculptor V. Albergs, architect D. Driba). Local residents and visitors relax on the sandy beaches of the Riga seaside. The capital of Lithuania is Vilnius. Combining old areas with modern buildings. Gediminas' Tower (XIV century), the bell tower of the Cathedral of St. Stanislaus (XVI-XVIII centuries), the Church of St. John (XV century) on the territory of Vilnius State University, the oldest in Europe. University Library, founded in 1570; the hall of the historian Joachim Lelevel (1786-1861), who donated 4548 volumes of books to the university.In the classrooms and laboratories of the university, students study with teachers, among them the rector Ionas Petrovich Kubilius. The building of the State Opera and Ballet Theater of the Lithuanian SSR (1974, architect E.N.Buchute).
S. Zagoskina, N. Pimenova
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author V. Fost, consultant, candidate of geographical sciences V. Dronov, editor A. Brook
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