The Carmen Roman We Know and Dont Know

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The film is dedicated to the film director R. Carmen. The film includes documentary film materials from the USSR Central State Archive of Film Documents (RGAKFD), the State Film Fund, and foreign newsreels. Moscow city. Tomb of R. Carmen. Filmmaker Nguyen Hu (Vietnam) at the grave. Photos of R. Carmena of different years. The filmmakers in Carmen's booth are listening to a tape recorder of R. Carmen's speech. R. Carmen's son - A. Carmen talks about his father (synchronously). Artist B. Efimov gives interviews (synchronously). Interviews about R. Carmen (synchronously) are given by: E. Bosak (Poland), M. Kayumov, V. Orlyankin, L. Mamsurova, N. Jimenez (Cuba), E. Lister (Spain), S. Alvarez (Cuba), G. Borovik, Nguyen Hu (Vietnam), K. Abasov. The film includes filming of R. Carmen of different years, fragments of documentary films and chronicle materials shot by R. Carmen, including: footage of the chronicle of the period of the Spanish Civil War in 1936-1937, footage of the chronicle of the Second World War, shooting Moscow, the period of the 1920s -1930s, frames from the documentary films of V. A. Efremov "To the happy harbor", "Far in Asia"; synchronous plot "Pilot Farikh", shots from the documentary film by R. Carmen "Sedovtsy", "The Burning Continent", "Chile - the time of struggle, the time of troubles", "Heart of Corvalan", "The Tale of the Caspian Oil Workers", ["Death of the Commissioner" ] and others. R. Carmen on the set of the film "The Great Patriotic War" ("Unknown War") with B. Lancaster. The city of Odessa. Types of streets, squares, buildings. Cargo ship "Roman Carmen" at sea, at the pier.
S. Pumpyanskaya, I. Grigoriev, T. Semenov, K. Slavin
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, sea transport
, cities
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V. Dobronitsky, E. Akkuratov
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