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Tatar ASSR. The city of Naberezhnye Chelny; pier on the river, passengers get off the ship; the movement of buses on the streets; a line of people near a department store; queues of patients in the city polyclinic, reception of patients in the doctor's office. School building. Director of the 46th school E. Anikin says (synchronously) about the congestion of city schools. Dormitory buildings; construction of residential buildings. Workshops of the Kama Automobile Plant. Workers at the assembly of KAMAZ vehicles; applauding on the occasion of the release of the 100-thousandth, 150-thousandth, 200-thousandth car. Simple assembly line of the Kama Automobile Plant; workers don't work. Building with the sign "Sales of KAMAZ". The drivers who received the KAMAZ vehicles from the sales department of the plant say (synchronously) that many vehicles are incomplete. Interview with executive secretary of the International Fund for Development and Survival R. Khairov, secretary of the Union of Architects of the USSR V. Glazychev (synchronously) on the discrepancy between the infrastructure of cities arising during the construction of large industrial cities, social infrastructure and the reasons giving rise to this discrepancy. Elabuga city; streets, a monument to N. Durova, the grave of M. Tsvetaeva. Landscapes; forest, fields, wooden houses. Construction of a small car plant near the city of Elabuga.
V. Shorokhov
Film ID
, urban transport
, nature
, school education
, river transport
, state trade
, health care
, automotive industry
, utilities
Number of Parts
V. Frolenko
Other Creators
Sound Yu Zorin
Release Date
Has Sound

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