The Coast Is Sweet to Me

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The film tells about the memorable places of the Upper Volga region, where A.S. Pushkin. Self-portrait of A.S. Pushkin. The city of Pushkin. The building of the Tsarskoye Selo Lyceum. Home church (removed from motion). The city of Leningrad. Saint Isaac's Cathedral. Monument to Peter I "The Bronze Horseman". Chesme Church (removed from motion). Kalinin (Tver) region Staritsky district. Village (village) Malinniki. Photos of the Osipovs' house, printed in the newspaper. Winter landscape. Wooden houses. The villagers are walking along the road. An old chapel built in the 19th century. The village of Bernovo. Winter landscape of the environs of the village. Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the restoration forests. The frozen pond. A flock of geese is walking along the pond. Bernovskaya secondary school, located in the building of the central part of the Wolf estate. Memorial plaque to A.S. Pushkin on the school building. Literature lesson dedicated to A.S. Pushkin. NDP on the faces of high school students. Park at the Wolf Manor. Hill "Parnassus". The building of the wooden house, where the branch of the Kalinin Regional Museum of Local Lore of A.S. Pushkin. Visitors see the expositions of the museum. Spring landscape of the River of Darkness. Village (village) Pavlovskoe. Winter landscape of the forest and the environs of the village. Wooden houses. The horse carriage is driving along the road. Kolkhoz motor depot. A.S. Pushkin. The truck drives out of the garage. The drivers are standing by the trucks. The announcer reads (behind the scenes) an excerpt from a poem by A.S. Pushkin's "Winter Morning". The city of Torzhok. City views. The building of the wooden church. The movement of the bus along the street. Pozharsky's hotel. A memorial plaque on the building with the inscription: “Here A.S. Pushkin in 1811, 1826, 1828, 1833, 1834 and 1836 ". Torzhok gold embroidery factory. Products with gold embroidery. Embroiderers at work. Exhibition of works by Torzhok gold embroiderers. The building of the evening school for working youth (the former house of A. Olenina). Commemorative plaque with the inscription: “In this house passing through Torzhok in 1828-35. A.S. Pushkin. River Tvertsa. Stone bridge across the Tvertsa river. The movement of the UAZ car on the bridge. Village (village) Prutnya. Church of the Resurrection of Christ at the Prutnensky churchyard. The grave of A.P. Kern. The village of Georgians. The building of the Poltoratsky estate. Staritsa town. Winter landscape of the outskirts of the city. Snow-covered fields, a church in the background (removed from motion). The movement of the bus along one of the streets. Residential and administrative buildings. Hotel "Volga" on Volodarskogo street. Buses and a car outside the hotel. Volga river. Bridge over the Volga river. Assumption Monastery in the background. The city of Kalinin (Tver). Residential and administrative buildings. A commemorative plaque on the building with the inscription: “At this place was the Galyani hotel, where he stayed in transit in 1826-36. A.S. Pushkin ". The movement of buses, trolleybuses, cars and trucks across the area. Passers-by on the streets of the city. The girl walks with a baby carriage.
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Film ID
urban transport
, school education
, automobile transport
, waterways
, garment industry
, bypopulation
, religion
, museums
, stories
, cities and rural settlements
, landscapes
, cartage
, poultry
, decorative and applied art
, monuments of architecture
, consumer services
Number of Parts
There is no data
Other Creators
A. Pyanov, V. Linchenko, A. Shorokhov
Release Date
Has Sound

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