The Country of Finland Remembers

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The film tells about the life and work of V.I. Lenin in Finland, about the people who helped V.I. Lenin to hide, providing conditions for his revolutionary activities. Part 1 Finland, the city of Helsinki (until 1926 - the city of Helsingfors). Panorama of the city. View of the Cathedral and part of the monument to Emperor Alexander I; passing transport. The movement of a steam locomotive on the railway. House on Hagnes Square, where V.I. lived in the apartment of Gustav Rovio. Lenin. Type of newspapers with the NDP: "RABOCHI", "Izvestia". Articles from the PDP: "RUMORS OF A CONSPIRACY", "THERE IS NO FOREST FOR THE TREES", "POLITICAL BLACKEDING". Finland, the city of Lahti. Type of a commemorative plaque with the NDP: "VLADIMIR ILYICH LENIN IN 1917 GOT A REFUGE IN THE HOUSE AT THIS PLACE." Leningrad region, the city of Sestroretsk, Razliv station. View of a wooden building belonging to an active participant in the revolutionary movement, worker Nikolai Alexandrovich Yemelyanov. View of the hut in which Vladimir Ilyich Lenin was hiding from the counter-revolutionary Provisional Government. Leningrad Region, Vyborgsky District. The section of the road along which V.I. Lenin on the farm to the Parviainen family (house-museum of V.I.Lenin). Newsreel footage: the city of Petrograd, July 4, 1917 (b / w). Columns of demonstrators are marching through the city. Type of slogan from the NDP: "LOT OF MINISTERS-CAPITALISTS." Dramatized footage: the machine gunner is firing; the defeat of the editorial office of the Pravda newspaper, preparations for the arrest of V. Lenin. The first part of the film uses photographic portraits of people who helped V.I. Lenin in his revolutionary activities: Alexander Vasilyevich Shotman, a member of the Helsingfors Committee of the Finnish Social Democratic Party, Hugo Erikovich Yalav, a Finnish steam locomotive driver, in which V.I. Lenin and his wife Lydia Germanovna Yalava, contact V.I. Lenin; the Parviainen family; Axel and Amalia Koski, who received Lenin in the city of Lahti, Social Democrat Karl Viik. Portrait of Gustav Semyonovich Rovio - a member of the Finnish Social Democratic Party, secretary of the Central Committee of the Social Democratic Youth Union of Finland. Part 2 Finland, the city of Helsinki. The room of the worker Arthur-Frederic Usenius, in which Vladimir Ilyich Lenin lived, hiding from the counter-revolution. Sheets of paper with NDP: "MARXISM ABOUT THE STATE", "STATE AND REVOLUTION. THE TEACHING OF MARXISM ABOUT THE STATE AND THE TASKS OF THE PROLETARIAT IN THE REVOLUTION. ISSUE I ". The spacious room of the locomotive driver Arthur Blomkvist and his family, in which V.I. Lenin. Type of newspapers with the NDP: "PROLETARY", "BIRZHEVIE VEDOMOSTI". Article with NDP: "LIQUIDATION OF GEN.KORNILOV'S SPEECH". View of the sheet written [in the hand of Lenin]: "GETTING THE MAJORITY IN THE CAPITAL COUNCILS OF WORKERS AND SOLDIERS 'DEPUTATS, THE BOLSHEVIKS CAN AND SHOULD TAKE STATE POWER IN THEIR HANDS." Finland, the city of Tampere. Busy city street. Bas-relief view from the NDP: "LENIN AND FINLAND". Finland, the city of Turku. Bust of V.I. Lenin in the city. Leningrad region, the city of Vyborg. The apartment of Laptuk, an employee of the newspaper Tyue (Trud), where V.I. Lenin. View of the city. Clock tower. The second part of the film uses newsreel footage (b / w): City of Petrograd, 1917. Chairman of the Provisional Government Alexander Fedorovich Kerensky. Finland, the city of Tampere, [1946-1950]. Visitors to the V.I. Lenin - the first Lenin museum created outside the Soviet Union. Finland, Helsinki, December, 1976. Opening of the apartment-museum of V.I. Lenin in the house of the revolutionary Gustav Rovio. Portrait of V.I. Lenin. The second part of the film uses portraits of V.I. Lenin - Nadezhda Konstantinovna Krupskaya, as well as comrades-in-arms in the revolutionary struggle: Arthur-Frederik Usenius and his wife Maria, Arthur and Emilia Blomkvist, Otto Wilhelmovich Kuusinen - the founder of the Communist Party of Finland, editorial staff of the newspaper "Tyue" Laptuk.
B. Sorokin
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, revolutionary struggle
, rural settlements
, periodic printing
, sculpture
, foreign countries (finland)
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, house-museums
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V. Sergeev
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