The Death of an Empire Chronicle of the Events of the 1st World War Movie 1

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A film about the international situation on the eve of the First World War, about the beginning of the First World War. The film was edited from newsreels of the Russian State Archive of Film and Photo Documents and Film Materials of the Gosfilmofond of Russia. Chronicle footage, film footage of different years: Great Britain, London, 1910, the funeral of King Edward VII; Germany, parade of German troops, Emperor Wilhelm II is present; Wilhelm II with his family on a yacht; France, City of Paris, the park of the Palace of Versailles, selling flowers on the street, street cafe, restaurant, couples dancing, Moulin Rouge, hippodrome, tram movement, the plane flies over the Arc de Triomphe; harvesting coconuts and bananas in Africa; meeting of Wilhelm II with Emperor Franz Joseph; testing the tank, launching the ship into the water; making shells; warships at sea; Emperor Nicholas II welcomes sailors and officers on the deck of the ship; military training; Emperor Franz Ferdinand with his retinue, gets into a car with his wife; meeting of French President R. Poincaré with Nicholas II. Chronicle footage of the period of the First World War, including: mobilization, sending to the front, fighting ground forces, the navy on the fronts of the war, refugees, destruction, a child crying among the ruins, soldiers in trenches, at rest, officers at observation posts , explosions, wounded, killed, German soldiers at the Christmas tree and other shooting.
I. Voitenko
Film ID
world war i
, cities
, urban transport
, holidays
, public catering
, government
, international relationships
, armed forces
, defense industry
, trade
, plant growing
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I. Ershova, I. Tiktinskaya
Other Creators
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