The Detective Is Looking for a Thief

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Autocorrida. Cars go to the start. Spectators in the stands. Cars on the track. One of the spectators, the director of the "Soussel-de" company of the "Parallax" film company, are giving interviews (synchronously). The crew is pushing one of the cars. The car turns over. The car is on the side of the road. Police Major Sorokin A. N. at the sound editing table, gives interviews (synchronously). The head of the company "Parallax" M. Bukhdalovsky in the office of A. N. Sorokin for a conversation (synchronously). Employees of the OBKhSS in one of the rooms of the company. Search. A. N. Sorokin talks with employees of the company. Search at the apartment of one of the company's leaders. The representative of the American company "Paradax" Leo Mack talks with A. Sorokin (synchronously). Contract of sale. L. Man's signature on the document. The building of the Stolichny bank. Bank employees work with clients. The chairman of the bank's board A. P. Smolensky talks with A. Sorokin (synchronously), looks through the documents. The police officers talk with the attesting witnesses who were present at the opening of apartment No. 335 on Novgorodskaya Street, which belonged to Voloshin from the Legis bank. Employees crush the bars, climb into the window. Search in the apartment. Volkov and Sorokin talk with the landlord (synchronously), read out the decree on the conduct of the search and the seizure of the property. Search at the apartment of the head of the Meleger firm, Balynov. Seizure of weapons and explosive devices, foreign currency. Meeting with A. N. Sorokin. Parallax communication scheme. This is an employee of the OBKhSS. A. N. Sorokin with his family drinking tea. Types of evening Moscow. Sorokin's brigade in a minibus, near the house. Employees climb the stairs of the fire engine to the apartment, where a search will be carried out. Sorokin's brigade on Petrovka. Things and money seized during the search. Weapons and explosive devices. Russian sauna. Sorokin's brigade washes in the bathhouse, on vacation in the garden, drinking milk, looking at the footage. The moment of transferring the bribe Money received after a bribe.
E. Vermisheva
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public order protection
, leisure
, investigation bodies
, automobile sport
, everyday life
, finance
, a family
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K. Durnov
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