The East European Plain

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Educational film for schoolchildren about the natural zones of the East European Plain. The film is assembled from film materials. Part 1 Map of the East European Plain. Landscapes of the arctic tundra. Icebreaker "Krasin" is moving in the ice. Rocky terrain. Coastal rocks. Waterfall. Nesting seabirds on the rocks. The seagull sits on a rock. A weather station employee launches a probe. Landscapes of the tundra in spring, summer, winter. A herd of deer on a winter pasture. Reindeer herders' camp. A reindeer team drives up to the village. The village of reindeer herders. Unloading a helicopter in the village. A tractor is transporting an oil rig. Waste heap near Vorkuta. Freight train on the territory of the enterprise. Landscapes of the forest-tundra. Pinery. River view. Beavers are gnawing on a branch. Two teddy bears in the forest. A brown bear rakes up an ant heap. Squirrel, marten, fox, hare, hedgehog family in the forest. Forest on the banks of the river. The boat is sailing along the river. Rapids on the river. The boat descends on a section of the river with rapids. Self-propelled barges on the river. Swir. Lake Onega. View of the Kizhi churchyard. Transfiguration Cathedral in Kizhi. Lighthouse on Lake Ladoga. The motor ship "Stepan Malygin" goes along the river. The ship sways on the waves during a storm. The city of Petrozavodsk. Workers' village. Explosion in an ore quarry. An excavator loads ore into a dump truck. Oil rigs. The helicopter flies over the forest. A bus is passing along the road. Fishing nets dry on the shore. Boats at the shore. Waves roll onto the shore. Roe deer, owl in the forest. Cobweb on the spruce. Grain harvesting; harvesters are working in the field. A herd of cows in the pasture. Creek. Winding river. Reclamation works in swampy areas. Beveled flax. Belovezhskaya Pushcha. Elk, sika deer, wild boars, squirrels, bison, a female bison with a cub in the forest. Part 2. Rural landscape. View of Moscow from the Lenin Hills. Kalininsky prospect. Kalininsky bridge; building of the CMEA. Moscow Kremlin. Forest. Chamomile in the meadow. The source of the Volga. Types of the upper reaches of the Volga. Island. Hydrofoil on the Volga. Onshore oil storage tanks. Zolnoe village, Kuibyshev region Zhigulevskie mountains. Passenger motor ship "Soviet Union", hydrofoil on the Volga. Tourists at the top of the cliff. Sailing boat near the dam of the Volzhskaya hydroelectric power station. Delta of the Volga. Heron, pelican, swans, muskrat in the river. Birds in the nest. Wild boar in the forest. Landscapes of the forest-steppe and steppe. The plane is flying. Types of r. Don. Ravine. Village. Livestock complex. Maize, flax harvesting. The bucket wheel excavator works in an ore quarry. Freight train with ore on the way. Donetsk coal basin; view of the working village. The car is driving on the highway. Street in [Donetsk]. Landscapes of the Caspian lowland. Sheep in the pasture. Saigas. Lake. The salt harvester works on the Baskunchak lake. A freight train is passing along the road on the shore of the lake. Desert landscapes. Camels in the desert. Tumbleweed rolls on the sand from the wind.
Yu Dubinskaya
Film ID
, industry
, nature
, cities
, zoology
Number of Parts
There is no data
Other Creators
author Y. Efimov, consultant E. Myasishcheva, editor L. Fine-Grish
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Has Sound

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