The Economic System of Socialism

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The American people are meeting Soviet pilots V. Chkalov, G. Baidukov, A. Belyak1ov, who made a non-stop flight from Moscow to America. Pilots, crowned with laurel wreaths, pass through the streets. V. Chkalov makes a speech. Striking miners in one of the capitalist countries. The strikers clash with the police. The pages of America magazine reporting on the Arlington Towers housing estate. Slum. Panorama of new houses in the Soviet Union. Room. Kitchen. Refrigerator shop. Refrigerators on the conveyor. House of shoes. Radio goods store. Construction site. A worker operates a bucket wheel excavator. Management of the shop operation with the help of television at the Kachkanar processing plant. Book of Seven-Year Plan Key Figures. Coal mining, oil and gas exploration. Pipeline laying. Shop of a chemical plant of artificial rubber. Design department. Workers assembling radios in one of the radio engineering factories in Riga. Resolution of the March Plenum of the Central Committee of the Communist Party, focusing on the development of agriculture. Implementation of the decisions of the Plenum on the ground. Construction of the Krasnoyarsk hydroelectric power station. Overlapping of the Yenisei. Departure of young people to construction sites in Siberia. Seeing off at the station. Saturday at the depot of the Kursk road. The locomotive leaves the depot. The country's economy during the First World War: a steam locomotive cemetery, a broken bridge, a destroyed plant. Achievements of the Soviet economy and science: manned flight into space, E. Leonov's spacewalk, construction of a nuclear power plant, modern military equipment. Plans for the extensive construction of industrial enterprises, hydroelectric power plants, educational institutions, cinemas, rest homes, boarding houses.
S. Levit-Gurevich
Film ID
, science
, fuel industry
, energy
, communist party
, flights
, strikes
, production of cultural goods
, education
, air transport
, cosmonautics
Number of Parts
P. Tarakanov
Other Creators
Screenplay by E. Maryamov
Release Date
Has Sound

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