The Entry of the Red Army Into Iran

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The film chronicle tells about the entry of the Red Army into Iran in September 1941. within the framework of the joint British-Soviet operation of the Second World War to occupy the territory of the Iranian state, codenamed Operation Countenance, which ran from August 25 to September 17, 1941. 1 box Red cavalrymen ride through the streets of one of the Iranian cities, musicians of a brass band pass along the street, they are accompanied by Iranian teenagers, the Red Army infantry is marching behind the musicians. The Red Army soldiers carry horses with their luggage along the street of one of the Iranian cities. A street in one of the Iranian cities: cars, horse carts are driving. A Soviet traffic controller controls the traffic at the intersection. Soviet tanks are driving along a dirt road in the desert, motorcyclists are riding nearby. Horse carriages of the Red Army go along the road in the desert. Tankers stand in line for fuel, collect it in cans. Trucks with Red Army soldiers in their bodies are driving along the highway. Residents of one of the Iranian cities are going to meet the Red Army units in the central square. The Iranians stand in the street, looking from the balcony at the passing Red Army soldiers. A patrol (a Soviet soldier and a soldier of the Iranian army) on the road checks the documents of the drivers of passing cars and buses. 2 box Soviet trucks with the Red Army soldiers driving along the road in the desert. Passage of Soviet military equipment along the street of one of the Iranian cities. Soviet cavalrymen are driving along the street. The infantry is passing by. Red Army soldiers at a halt. Soviet artillerymen are loading a weapon during exercises. Teachings of units of the Soviet army. Red Army soldiers on vacation dance to the accordion and violin. A group of Red Army soldiers settled down on the ground, the commander reads them an article from the newspaper. Soviet officers talk at the tank. The Red Army men are sleeping at a halt, a sentry guards the rifles. Soviet pilots are studying a map of the area, boarding planes. Aircraft in the sky. 3 cor. General view of the destroyer of the Caspian flotilla "Lenin" sailing in the sea. Sailors in formation on the deck of the destroyer, preparing guns for battle. The captain looks through binoculars. The sailors infect the gun, aiming at the flying plane. The shells are laid out on the deck. - the face of officers, sailors. 4 box The Soviet commander reads a newspaper to the soldiers of one of the units. Admission to the candidate of the CPSU (b) fighter I.F. Kolesnin. Iranians on the street of one of the cities. Park by the sea in Pahlavi. General views of Iranian cities [Tabriz, Tehran, Pahlavi]. The Iranians pass through the narrow streets of the suburb. The building of the palace with the coat of arms (sun and lion). Men on donkeys ride down the street. Iranian fishermen in boats sail in the Caspian Sea. A passenger car drives across a bridge over a river in [Tehran], passers-by on the streets. Horse carriages are passing along the street of one of the cities. Dam, lanterns. Port in Pahlavi. Children in old clothes stand at the entrance to the clay house. Iranian soldiers are on guard at the entrance to the palace. Men on a boat transport cargo along the river. Fair on the street of one of the Iranian villages. The seller carries a box of cigarettes down the street. Iranian women and men collect millet in the field. Thatched dwellings in one of the villages, children sort out grain at the entrance. Iranian women knit sheaves in the field. Pottery. Young Iranians carry baskets of goods for sale.
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2nd world war
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L. Arzumanov
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