The Experience of Privatization of the State Breeding Farm Russia

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A film about the activities of the collective farm - the breeding plant "Russia" of the Chelyabinsk region. Part 1 Chelyabinsk Region, Sosnovsky District. Signpost next to the road with NDP: "GOSPLEMZAVOD" RUSSIA ". Dairy complex building. Two-storey office building. Sign with NDP: "STATE BREEDING FACTORY" RUSSIA "SOSNOVSKY DISTRICT CHELYABINSK REGION". View of a passing car - milk tanker. Cows on the farm. A laboratory where new techniques of biotechnology for embryo transplantation are being developed. Type of cars "UAZ - 452", "Zhiguli", "Niva". Cozy dining room for employees of an agro-industrial enterprise. A sign on the building of the kindergarten with the NDP: "GARDEN - TEREMOK DEPARTMENT OF THE KASARGI GPP" RUSSIA "SOSNOVSKY DISTRICT CHELYABINSK REGION". Polyclinic building. Patients undergoing physiotherapy. Meeting of authorized representatives of labor collectives on the decision to privatize the plant by order of the Minister of Agriculture. The head of the plant, Ivan Vasilievich Grigoriev, and the deputy head for economic affairs, Svetlana Nikolaevna Isakova, are at the microphone. Type of working agricultural machinery; assembly, repair of equipment. Honorary milkman, foreman of livestock breeders Vladislav Izibairov at the farm (257.8 m). Part 2 Chelyabinsk Region, Sosnovsky District. Livestock breeder of the Rossiya breeding plant Vladislav Izibairov in the personnel register. Izibairov's personal card, which indicates his work experience and the coefficient of professional complexity. The plant economist Svetlana Nikolaevna Isakova conducts a lesson with collective farm workers, explaining how they receive income from the calculation of new formulas and numbers, using the example of Vladislav Izibairov's calculations. Type of insert in the personal file of the tractor driver, co-owner of the collective enterprise "Russia" Nikolai Alekseevich Averyanov. Share book of the co-owner for receiving dividends. A plowed field. A herd of cows at the farm. A milk tanker is going by. Type of document - the Charter of the collective farm of the breeding plant "Russia". Head Ivan Vasilievich Grigoriev at the meeting. (275.5). Part 3 Chelyabinsk Region, Sosnovsky District. Meeting of the primary team. The territory of the complex for breeding bull calves. The veterinarian examines the bull. View of villagers' houses. Farm. Construction of a complex for raising young cattle; construction of a cowshed; construction site of the sausage shop. Deputy Head, Economist Svetlana Nikolaevna Isakova in her office. Houses of workers - co-owners of the collective farm "Russia". Head Ivan Vasilyevich Grigoriev speaks about the positive side of the plant's transition to a new type of management (sync., Behind the scenes). (266.3 m).
N. Kotov
Film ID
, standard of living
, collective farms
, livestock
, finance
, zoology
Number of Parts
K. Stepanov
Other Creators
scriptwriter N. Kotov, consultants I. Grigoriev, sound engineer V. Shubin, editor B. Kozhin, consultants I. Grigoriev, S. Isakova, V. Shamanin
Release Date
Has Sound

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