The Family Has a Daughter

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The film tells about the upbringing of teenage girls. City of Tallinn: city streets; the building of the cinema "Soprus". A group of teenagers are standing in the lobby of the cinema, talking (per frame.). Poster for the film "Alien Games". Consecrated windows in one of the residential high-rise buildings. A woman shouts from the window "Anya!" Teenagers are fighting in the yard. The woman opens the door of the apartment. A girl enters the apartment. Parents - father and mother in the hallway look at her (staged). A panorama of a teenage girl's room: a desk, a dressing table, an ottoman with a teddy bear, posters of artists on the wall. The girl turns on the tape recorder, rock music sounds (sync.). A panorama of cosmetics on a dressing table shelf. The girl sits down in front of the mirror, does her hair. View of textbooks on the table. A man with a little daughter enters the apartment door. The man undresses her. Schoolgirl removes visual aids from the blackboard in the classroom after the end of the anatomy lesson. The teacher conducts a lesson on sex education with adolescent girls (sinhr.). Teenage girls listen to the teacher. One of the girls talks about a sex education lesson, which is held separately from the boys (sinhr.), Answers questions that sound offscreen. Images of naked women on the canvases of great painters. General view of a woman's mannequin in section with all organs. Schoolgirls perform exercises in physical education class, swim in the pool. Behind the scenes, it tells about the problems of adolescent education. Some girls do separate exercises during critical days under the guidance of a physical education teacher. The physical education teacher answers the question of how she relates to sports among girls (sync. And for the frame.): He says that she has a negative attitude towards girls doing male sports. The girls take a shower after the pool, dry their hair, comb their hair, and leave school in pairs. Behind the scenes, a child physiologist says that you shouldn't groom, cherish and feed teenagers - this excites sensuality. In adolescence, physical activity and hardening are necessary. A man closes the blinds on the window in the apartment in the evening. His daughters, the oldest and the youngest, wash their underwear in the bathroom. The girls' mother takes out the washed laundry from the washing machine. The husband helps to take out the basin of laundry. The teenagers are engaged in ballroom dancing. Young men come up to girls sitting on chairs, invite them to dance. The woman looks at the dancing daughter. Mom and daughter are walking down the street after dancing. A stylishly dressed girl walks down the steps in one of the streets. Street view of the Old Town. Mother and daughter walk down the street past the fortress wall. A girl and a boy are standing in the street. A young man presents flowers to his girlfriend, kisses her. Parents and two daughters - the eldest and the youngest - are walking down the street. A group of teenage girls stands in the street. The girls invite the older girl to join them. The girl, with the permission of her parents, runs to them. The parents look after her.
M. Dorovatovsky
Film ID
out-of-school education
, school education
, everyday life
, estonia
, cities
Number of Parts
M. Dorovatovsky
Other Creators
screenwriter S. Burliuk, sound engineer E. Eller, editor M. Beilinson
Release Date
Has Sound

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