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The film tells about the history and the present day of carrier-based aviation in Russia. The story in the film comes from the name of the Hero of Russia, one of the founders of carrier-based aviation - Major General Timur Apakidze and his friends-pilots. The film uses the following footage: Part 1: The fighter is taxiing onto the runway. takes off (night shooting); military pilots in the classroom, Timu Apakidze speaks to them (sinhr.); Timur Apakidze talks (sync. And behind the scenes.) About the creation of carrier-based aircraft, sitting by the plane at the airfield in Saki; panorama from the trench to the Yak-38 aircraft on a pedestal; meeting of air unit pilots, T. Apakidze speaks in front of them (sinhr.); among those present pilot Igor Kozhin; the plane of I. Kozhin in the sky performs aerobatics, I. Kozhin in the cockpit after landing, descends, takes off his helmet, walks along the plane; military pilot Pavel Kretov in karate lessons; military pilot Viktor Dubovoy rides a bicycle around the airfield, drives up to the plane, sits in the cockpit; military pilot Sergei Rasskazov in the dressing room by the palm tree, drinking beer, sitting at the table with Timur Apakidze; there are two planes in the sky, one of them is performing the "cobra" figure; military pilot Yevgeny Kuznetsov talks with T. Apakidze and P. Podguzov at the airfield, together with other pilots he is engaged in karate with children; among those present T. Apakidze and P. Podguzov; the pilots take a steam bath, sit at the table, drink, V. Dubova plays the guitar, sings (sync.) Newsreel footage (b / w): a fighter lands at the airfield, take off from an aircraft carrier of a Yak-38 fighter, the plane falls from an aircraft carrier into the sea , another plane lands on the deck of an aircraft carrier, lights up and crashes into the sea. Part 2: Meeting of military pilots; among them T. Apakidze and S. Rasskazov; T. Apakidze says (sinhr.); fighter planes fly over the sea and rocks, flies over an aircraft carrier, one of the fighters lands on the deck of an aircraft carrier, technicians are watching the plane; one of the fighters performs a "falling barrel" figure in the sky, the plane lands at the airfield in Saki, taxis across the airfield, a technician rides a bicycle around the airfield, technicians push the plane, one of the technicians reports T. Apakidze, T. Apakidze signs in the magazine, approaches the plane; pilots at the airfield in Saki, make out flights in the classroom; a banquet of Russian and Ukrainian military pilots in Saki; T. Apakidze makes a toast (sync.), Tells (sync.) About the situation in the air force in the 90s; says Ukrainian pilot Kononenko (sinhr.); vacationers in Saki swim in the sea. Newsreels (b / w): a fighter dives in the sky, descends to the La Bourget airfield, lights up, a burning fighter takes off, the pilot catapults, the plane falls to the ground; Ukrainian military marching along the airfield in Saki, the pilots take the military oath to Ukraine. 3 part. The plane of the Ukrainian military aviation at the airfield; General view of the half-abandoned military airfield in Saki; T. Apakidze talks about the fate of his squadron in 1994 (sinhr.); former Ukrainian military pilot Tatarnikov sits on the ground, talks about his fate after 1994 (sinhr.); pilots Tatarnikov and P. Podguzov stand at the shrouded plane, pass by the planes standing at the airfield, Russian and Ukrainian pilots who served in the same squadron until 1994 pass along the runway of the airfield, the tractor drags the plane along the airfield; a fighter jet flies over Saki; the wife of one of the pilots, Natalya Folomeeva, talks about the situation the pilots got into after the division of aviation into Russian and Ukrainian; pilot Alexei Folomeev in his apartment in Severomorsk, tells what choice he faced in 1994: family or oath (sinhr.); the Folomeev family at home; A. Folomeev goes through the garrison in Severomorsk, Natalya Folomeeva at the airfield in Saki; T. Apakidze at the airfield, in the cockpit, performs the figure "cobra" on the plane in the sky; meeting of pilots; among the speakers: E. Kuznetsov, Kochkarev, S. Rasskazov (sinhr.) Part 4: The airfield in Saki, there are Ukrainian planes, bombs are lying; cows graze near the airfield, the military is weeding the grass at the airfield; panorama of Russian aircraft; T. Apakidze sits in the cockpit of the fighter, straightens the oxygen mask, four fighters are flying over the sea, Russian and Ukrainian pilots are at a banquet in Saki, the pilots stand up and drink vodka without clinking glasses; Russian pilots with things near a transport plane (leaving Saki), pilot I. Kozhin waving his hand from the cockpit, pilots E. Kuznetsov and P. Podguzov say goodbye to their Ukrainian comrades, P. Podguzov hugs Tatarnikov, the fighter is flying over the sea; an airfield in Severomorsk, sheathed fighters are standing, a fighter is landing, the pilots get out of the car, go to the aircraft, the aircraft carrier "Kuznetsov" at the pier in Severomorsk, T. Apakidze's speech at a meeting of pilots (sinhr.); among those present: I. Kozhin, V. Dubovoy, Kochkarev; building on the parade ground; military pilot E. Kuznetsov tells (sync.) how he mastered the SU-33; pilots are preparing for flights, putting on overalls, technicians on the deck of an aircraft carrier are watching the movement of the fighter; landing of a fighter on the deck of an aircraft carrier, takeoff of a fighter from a springboard of an aircraft carrier. 5 part. The fighter steers on the deck of an aircraft carrier, takes off from a springboard, flies in the sky, flies up to an aircraft carrier; T. Apakidze's speech at a meeting of pilots (sinhr.); a former military pilot, and now a stoker Y. Chibir in a boiler room, talks about his fate (sinhr.), walks along the deck of an aircraft carrier; pilots on the deck of an aircraft carrier; T. Apakidze gives instructions to the pilot Korolev before the flight; Korolev's fighter is in the air, lands on the deck of an aircraft carrier, Korolev gets out of the cockpit, his fellow pilots swing him, carry him to the hook of the fighter, hit him (a kind of baptism), Korolev gets up and reports; four fighters are flying over an aircraft carrier; pilots in the recreation room at the airport, playing backgammon, sleeping; pilots in the bath; rewarding in the Kremlin military pilot P. Kretov, V. Putin presents the pilot with the star of the Hero of Russia.
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air force
, higher bodies of state power
, rewarding
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I. Uralskaya
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