The Fire Punishes the Careless

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The film tells about the fires occurring at industrial enterprises in Sverdlovsk and the Sverdlovsk region due to mismanagement. Part 1 A wooden house is on fire. Firefighters extinguish the fire. A fire truck is driving down the street. The firefighter climbs to the roof of the building by the fire escape. Wooden boxes are burning in the yard of the house. A dump in the courtyard of one of the tobacco factories (which burned repeatedly). Elimination of the fire in the shop of one of the shoe factories. Burning trash in the workshop, mountains of shoes in the corridors. Production processes in the workshops of the factory. Warehouse with shoes on the shelves. A barrel of fuel in a warehouse, fuel is spilled. Baby clothes are drying on the balcony, a man throws a cigarette from the balcony. A dump in the yard of one of the factories of the Ministry of Electrical Engineering and Instrumentation. Employees of the plant of complete metal structures (Sverdlovsk region, Pervouralsk) go to work. Neat workshops, hoods over machine tools. The head of the labor protection department of the plant, Galina Alekseevna Peshekhonova, talks about the work on fire safety at the plant. Work in the shops of the plant. Fire extinguishing station at the plant. Part 2 A worker in the workshop of a factory of complete metal structures paints structures with a spray gun. G.A. Peshekhonova talks about fire safety at the hand-painted area. Senior foreman of the site Vladimir Gennadievich Volegov talks about solving fire safety issues at his site. The worker turns on the installation of a manual curtain. Dirty workshop of one of the enterprises of the Ministry of Electrical Engineering and Instrumentation. Welder at work. The littered yard of the enterprise. Landfill on the territory of another enterprise in the industry. Meeting of the Council of the labor collective of the enterprise, the question of the organization of labor in one of the shops.
L. Kotelnikova
Film ID
, tobacco industry
, leather and footwear industry
, fire protection
, electrical industry
Number of Parts
K. Kotelnikov
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Has Sound

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