The First Soviet Antarctic Expedition

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Departure of the first complex expedition of the USSR Academy of Sciences to Antarctica from the Kaliningrad port on the diesel-electric ship "Ob". Meeting in the port, speaking: head of the expedition M. M. Somov, I. D. Papanin. Meeting of the Academic Council on the ship. Present: M. M. Somov, V. G. Kort, I. I. Cherevichny and others. E. Ryabchikov and other correspondents keep records of the voyage. Celebrating the New Year on the ship. Diesel electric ship "OB" goes between icebergs. Unloading the Ob. Construction of a road for unloading ships in the village of Mirny. Arrival to Mirny diesel-electric ship "Lena". The funeral, who died during the unloading of the tractor driver I. Khmara. Airplane at the airport. I. I. Cherevichny in the cockpit. Airplane in the air. Construction of the village of Mirny. Rally on the completion of construction. M. M. Somov is speaking. Scientific expeditions in the Bunger oasis (Antarctica). Scientists: G. A. Avsyuk, Voronov, P. F. Shumsky, A. M. Gusev, N. Rusin and others are conducting a survey of the oasis. Australian ship "Kista-Dan" near the village of Mirny. Departure of the aircraft inland. Scientists: A. M. Gusev, A. Kochetkov carry out research work, set the Soviet flag. A meeting in the village of Mirny on the sailing to Leningrad of a diesel-electric ship "Lena". Diesel-electric ship "Lena" in the Australian port of Adelaide. Diesel-electric ship "Lena" in the Leningrad port.
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Yu. Leonhardt, A. Istomin
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