The Floor Is Presented to the Lawyer

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The film tells about the work of a lawyer in legal proceedings. 1st part. Chairman of the Board of the Union of Lawyers G. Voznesensky in his office gives an interview in which he speaks about the importance of the legal profession (synchronously). N.M. Lazarev's lawyer talks with his client V.D. Bostrykin in his office (synchronously). N.M. Lazareva talks about her profession, about different attitudes towards lawyers, about the duties of a lawyer (synchronously). The filmmakers ask passers-by on the street who they would like to be if they had to choose between a prosecutor or a lawyer (synchronously). The writer L. Razgon, who has been subjected to repression three times since 1937, talks about his negative experience of communicating with lawyers (synchronously). Newsreel footage: the trial of the Industrial Party in the Column Hall of the House of Unions on November 25 - December 7, 1930, the accused in the dock, members of the court, the audience in the hall, public prosecutor N.V. Krylenko, chairman of the court A.Ya. Vyshinsky are speaking etc. 2nd part. Moscow. Prison building. Accused VD Bostrykin in a prison cell. A prisoner, accompanied by a guard, walks through the prison corridor. Open court session of the Sokolniki District People's Court in the case of V.D. Bostrykin. Members of the court, the audience in the courtroom. N.M. Lazarev's lawyer, the judge is asking questions to the defendant (synchronously). Coat of arms of the USSR in the courtroom. N.M. Lazareva talks about her work (synchronously). V. Yakovlev, a lawyer, talks about his work experience (synchronously). Newspaper article about the FRG citizen M. Rust, who violated the USSR border. Photo of lawyer V. Yakovlev, who defended M. Rust during the trial. 3rd part. Moscow. Court session in the case of V.D. Bostrykin. Witnesses are speaking (synchronously). N.M. Lazarev's lawyer asks questions to witnesses (synchronously). VD Bostrykin in the dock. The audience in the courtroom. Speeches of the prosecutor Bystritsky, lawyer N.M. Lazareva and the judge (synchronously). VD Bostrykin smokes in a prison cell. Lawyer A. Makarov talks about the current state of the legal profession in Russia (synchronously). Photos of a newspaper photo essay about the trial in the case of high-ranking bribe-takers. Photo portraits of the lawyer A. Makarov. A schoolgirl on the street talks about her desire to be a lawyer (synchronously).
A. Ratsimor
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places of detention
, court
, prosecutors office
, printing
, advocacy
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N. Verblovsky
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