The Genius Master of the Russian Theater In Memory of KS Stanislavsky

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A film about the director of the Moscow Art Theater, teacher and theorist of the theater KS Stanislavsky. The film includes footage filmed during the life of KS Stanislavsky and on the days of his funeral. Newsreel. KS Stanislavsky reads, makes notes in a notebook. KS Stanislavsky at the table among artists and theater workers on the day of the 30th anniversary of the Moscow Art Theater in 1928. Meeting KS Stanislavsky at the railway station after his treatment abroad in 1934. KS Stanislavsky gets out of the train car, passes in a group of artists on the platform. Among the greeters - the actress OL Knipper-Chekhova. Presentation of the Order of Lenin to K.S. Stanislavsky in 1937. KS Stanislavsky with his wife MP Lilina at home. Artists of the Moscow Art Theater rehearsing Moliere's play "Tartuffe" at the house of KS Stanislavsky (synchronously). KS Stanislavsky and actor NP Khmelev are present. The funeral of K.S. Stanislavsky. The coffin with the body of K.S. Stanislavsky on the stage of the Moscow Art Theater. Artists, theater workers at the coffin with the body of KS Stanislavsky. Among those present - M. P. Lilina, V. I. Nemirovich-Danchenko, A. K. Tarasova, V. I. Kachalov, I. M. Moskvin, M. M. Tarkhanov, N. P. Khmelev and others. Muscovites say goodbye to KS Stanislavsky. Removal of the coffin from the theater. Funeral procession. Among the participants in the mourning procession are actresses O. N. Androvskaya, S. V. Giatsintova, writer A. N. Tolstoy. Funeral meeting at the Novodevichy cemetery; NA Bulganin, Chairman of the Council of People's Commissars of the RSFSR, speaks on behalf of the Government of the USSR (synchronously); are the People's Artist of the USSR V. I. Kachalov (synchronously), the Stakhanovite of the Brake Plant V. I. Malkov, People's Artist of the USSR V. I. Nemirovich-Danchenko (synchronously).
Н. Bravko
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railway transport
, funeral
, art
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