The Glorious Victory of the Ryazan People

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Ryazan city. Festively decorated streets. Demonstrators are passing by with slogans - reports on the fulfillment of 3 annual plans for the delivery of meat. Greetings from the CPSU Central Committee and the Council of Ministers in newspapers. Collective farm board. Twice Hero of Socialist Labor P. N. Kovrova, who has taken on new increased commitments, at home, at work. Komsomol members at the construction of a poultry farm. Visit to the region by NS Khrushchev. Nikita Khrushchev passes through the farm, speaks at a ceremonial meeting dedicated to the presentation of the Order of Lenin to the region. KK Petukhova, twice Hero of Socialist Labor, shares her experience with young people. Removal of humus to the fields in winter. Corn field with young shoots. Cows in the pasture. Shepherd N.M. Lisakov at the herd. Milkmaid, Hero of Socialist Labor A. F. Ivkina at work. Pig farm of the collective farm "Golden Ear". A rally in the village of Yushta in connection with the unveiling of a bronze bust of the Hero of Socialist Labor PN Kovrova. PN Kovrova and other noble women of the Ryazan region at a reception with NS Khrushchev. Ryazan. A solemn meeting on Lenin Square. Speakers: the chairman of the regional executive committee Bobkov, Hero of Socialist Labor A. I. Efremova, pig-breeder N. Baryabin, Hero of Socialist Labor A. F. Ivkina, 1st secretary of the regional party committee Larionov, P. N. Kovrova.
V. Kagarlitsky
Film ID
, livestock
, everyday life
, socialist competition
, state holidays
, agriculture
, plant growing
, a family
Number of Parts
V. Kositsyn, N. Kiselev
Other Creators
speaker R. Vygodsky, sound engineer F. Galochkin
Release Date
Has Sound

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